All eyes were on EY after what happened at the 2017 Oscars. As you may or may not remember Pricewaterhousecoopers botched the 2017 Oscars. The two partners Martha Ruiz and Brian Cullinan got the envelope for best picture mixed up. They awarded the Oscar to La La Land when it should have gone to moonlight. They ended up correcting the matter but not before PwC’s reputation was permanently damaged. There was also some worry as to whether PwC would lose the engagement, but PwC leadership got involved and they were able to retain the engagements.

So entering the 2017 Emmy’s there was so much spotlight on the EY accountants, but it appears like the night went off without a hitch. There was a lot of joking around and references to EY though. That isn’t a bad thing. Having focus on you for the entirety of the show was free advertising for Ernst and Young. They can thank PwC for that.

Let’s go over what happened specifically to EY during the 69th Emmy’s broadcast:

Television Academy President Discuss Emmy’s Accountants

First off the television academy president Hayma Washington was approached on the red carpet about the Emmy’s  accountants and their role. He said that he was confident that there wouldn’t be a La La Land type mistake at the 69th Emmy awards.

“Our accounting firm is Ernst & Young,” he said on the red carpet Sunday. “We’ve reviewed our policies and procedures. Really confident that it’s something that we won’t have happen.”

Hayma Washington said that he felt bad for the people that produced the Oscars and offered the following statement:

“I feel for the producers of that show. They’re all professionals,” he said. “That had to be something very hard for them to swallow. They handled it very professionally.”

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Rachael Bloom Introduces E&Y

Rachel Bloom introduced EY for the standard nod to the accountants during the show which is the only time the actual accountants are in front of the TV.

She said the following

There’s only one reason to watch the Emmys you know, and here it is,” sang Bloom as she tap-danced. “The best part of the show. The accountants from Ernst & Young … After the accountants, it’s all downhill from here. Accountants, let’s make out.”

Stephen Colbert Sketch with Ru Paul

THere was a sketch where Stephen Colbert was pretending to talk to the Emmy statue which was played by Ru Paul. He asked Ru Paul a number of questions. He also said that he hooked up with the Emmy statue a few times in the past, and he was referring to times where he had won emmy’s. He was also using a little bit of innuendo there. He then asked the statue if there was any chance that they could hook up that night. Ru Paul said sure but it was up to the accountants at Ernst & Young. THey both had a laugh at that one.

Jimmy Kimmel Sketch

Jimmy Kimmel made a joke about how sometimes they put the wrong name on the envelopes and Stepehn Colbert said, “nope not tonight.” Clearly another joke about PwC’s screwup at the 2017 Oscar’s.

In conclusion, the night went off without a hitch which was what everyone was hoping for. This makes Ernst and Young look amazing compared to PwC. Now all that’s left is to see how PwC performs at the 2018 Oscars.

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