Deloitte announced that they will be partnering with apple to help business clients learn how to better use Apple technology. 

5,000 employees of Deloitte will be advising clients of Apple on how to use Apple applications. 

They will most likely be from Deloitte’s prestigious consulting line of service. Deloitte is an early adopter of Apple products as they currently have their employees using over 75 apps on their iphones and ipads. 

Apple also recently partnered with IBM and SAP to come up with applications. 

This comes after there is increased demand for Apple to find other streams of revenue from their iphones. They only shipped 40 million iphones in its third quarter versus 47 million in the same period in the prior year. 

Focusing on enterprise solutions is smart for Apple because it represents $25 billion of their revenue. Corporate revenue is growing at a rate of 40% which would be the type of growth that Apple’s investors are looking for. 

Apple is also trying to get ahead of the downfall of computers. People are using laptops and desktops less and less. They are using their phones and advanced tablets to complete a lot of their work. Apple is laying the groundwork to be there when the full transition takes place. 

In my experience, this is very true with executives. Executives aren’t very tech savvy people as it is, and at home they use ipads to surf the web. They’d prefer to surf the web, take pictures and conduct business all on the same device. Otherwise it gets too confusing for them.

Apple only really needs to convince them. If they convince the executives, and the executives buy in, then the whole organization has to follow suit whether or not they are Apple people. 

It is especially smart to use Deloitte because Deloitte has many of the Fortune 500 companies as their clients. Apple isn’t hiring Deloitte because of their extensive knowledge of business apps. They are hiring them because of the great network of fortune 500 companies that are in the market to buy business technology. 


It will be interesting to see what comes out of the partnership. The only way we will know whether this partnership is successful is by paying attention to Apple earnings call and looking to Deloitte’s global results report. The big 4 accounting firms release global results packages every year where they highlight the interesting work they do for their clients. Since Apple is the largest company in the world, there is no doubt that they will be smack dab in the center of that report for Deloitte next year. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get that update.