Deloitte Clients

Deloitte’s largest clients are as follows:

  1. Metlife
  2. Morgan Stanley
  3. Berkshire Hathaway
  4. The Blackstone Group
  5. Federal National Mortgage Association
  6. Microsoft
  7. GM
  8. Procter & Gamble
  9. Apollo Global Management
  10. Boeing

More details around Deloitte’s clients is included below.

1. Boeing

Deloitte is the auditor of Boeing. Boeing is an airline manufacturer and a large government contractor. Their market capitalization is about $80 billion.

Deloitte earned 33.6 million from Boeing in 2022 and 33.5 million in 2021.

2. Microsoft

Microsoft is one of Deloitte and Touche’s largest clients. Microsoft is a computer software company, and on of the largest Deloitte clients. Their market capitalization is about $390 billion. They are obviously one of the largest members of the Deloitte client list.

3. Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is a large investment bank and one of the world’s largest financial institutions. Their market capitalization is $47 billion.

Deloitte earned $62.8 million from Morgan Stanley in 2022.

Deloitte earned $60.6 million from Morgan Stanley in 2021.

4. Starbucks

Starbucks is a popular retailer of coffee beverages and other food products. They are one of the most prestigious Deloitte clients It’s market capitalization is $80 billion.

5. Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s is a large auction house. It is one of the most well known auctioneers in the world. Its market capitalization is about $1.6 billion.

6. Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway operates to provide property and casualty insurance. Berkshire Hathaway’s market capitalization is worth about $346 billion.

7. UPS

UPS is one of the largest package delivery services in the world. They have a market capitalization of about $97 billion. They had about $58 billion in revenue as of their latest financial statement.

8. Best Buy

Best Buy is one of the largest consumer electronics stores in the world. It has a market capitalization of about $11 billion and revenues of $39 billion as of its latest financial statement.

9. Monsanto

Monsanto is a provides agricultural products for farmer across the globe. They are one of the largest agricultural companies in the world. They have a market capitalization of about $45 billion. Deloitte faced some scrutiny in the Monsanto whistleblower case.

10. Glaxosmithkline

Glaxosmithkline is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. On December 13, 2016, Glaxosmithkline announced that they will be changing auditors from PwC to Deloitte. They are reportedly the sixth largest audit in the UK. This is a result of new regulations in the UK that require public companies to change auditors every so often.

Did you know the Glaxosmithkline is in the FTSE 100. See how many companies Deloitte audits in the FTSE 100 in our FTSE 100 Auditors List

11. Metlife

Metlife is one of Deloitte’s largest audit clients. Deloitte was ratified as the auditor for Metlife once again in 2023.

They earned $72 million in fees from Metlife in 2022 and $74 million in 2021.


Deloitte is going to be helping businesses learn how to use Apple for specialized business uses like insurance claim adjusting and retail sales management.

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Deloitte Consulting Client List


Deloitte also provides consulting services in addition to audit services. One of these clients that Deloitte services is IBM. Deloitte has actually partnered with IBM and their Watson Ecosystem. Their are partnering with IBM to figure out how to better utilize the technology.


HP was recently one of the clients of Deloitte Consulting LLP. They helped HP implement Workday. Workday is an HR solution. HP struggled with their large footprint across the globe and maintaining a great HR database, so Deloitte helped them implement Workday

Lundin Petroleum

Deloitte Norway consulted Lundin Petroleum in building its offshore operations organization.

State Grid Corporation of China

The State Grid Corporation of China is the largest utility company in the world and is ranked 7th on the Fortune 500 company listing. Deloitte provided the State Grid Corporation of China with financial due diligence, tax due diligence services, valuation services and negotiation support. Deloitte financial advisory services and Deloitte enterprise risk services were engaged in helping with this work.

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Key Client Wins For Deloitte From 2017

SuperGroup Audit (March 2017)

In March of 2017, SuperGroup announced that they will be changing their auditor to Deloitte. SuperGroup is a FTSE 250 company that owns the lifestyle Brand superdry. PwC was the auditor since 2008.

PZ Cussons Audit (March 2017)

It was also announced that Deloitte would be taking over the PZ Cussons audit from PwC as well. PZ Cussons is another FTSE 250 client of PwC. Deloitte will be taking that audit over in 2017.

BAE Systems (May 2017)

It was announced in May of 2017, that Deloitte would be taking the audit of BAE systems from KPMG. BAE Systems is a FTSE 100 company. KPMG was BAE Systems auditor for 36 years. The audit was changed due to the mandatory audit rotation process in Europe. It’s probably good that BAE Systems changed auditors because KPMG was being investigated by the Financial Reporting Council regarding the scandal that BAE had about a decade ago regarding bribery allegations.

BAE is systems is a multinational defense corporation with a market cap of about 20 billion pounds. They have over 80,000 employees worldwide.

African Cycling Team for Tour De France (June 2017)

In June of 2017, it was announced that Deloitte was providing analytics to the African cycling team to help them with their preparation for the Tour de France. Deloitte built a real time race analysis tool for African pro cycling’s team, Dimension Data. Deloitte designed two apps for the team – Deloitte Smart Map and Race Monitor. It is meant to help the cycling team analyze hundreds of datasets and provide feedback on athlete performance, competitor tactics and course conditions.

Chipotle (August 2017)

In August of 2017 it was announced that Deloitte was selected by Chipotle Mexican Grill to help them transform their mobile customer experience. They will help Chipotle redesign their iOS and Android ordering apps as part of Chipotle’s focus on digital ordering.

Update: Chipotle’s new app launched in November of 2017 with many negative reviews still plaguing the company. Customers said the app still lacked key features that were problems with the old app such as being able to order ahead and being able to use the app to pay in the store. Even though Deloitte was proud to announce this client in 2017, it seems like they still have room to improve on their app consulting practice.

Government of Victoria Australia (June 2017)

In June of 2017, the state of Victoria in Australia awarded a $43 million IT project to Deloitte. The project will last 3 years and is set to build out the IT environment for Victoria’s governmental transactions. This includes transactions like renewing driver’s licenses, registering births, deaths and marriages. This is a huge win for the Deloitte Australia firm.

Navy Contracts (2017)

Deloitte won multiple contracts with the Navy in 2017 that will last 5 years and make Deloitte hundreds of millions of dollars. This includes contracts for

Data analytics support – $22.6 million split between 4 firms
Program management – $188 million split between 5 firms
Financial management services – $980 million split between KPMG and Deloitte

NASA (March 2017)

Deloitte was selected to help NASA with automated robotics solutions. NASA will use Deloitte to help automate routine tasks with robots. In NASA, there is a lot of scientific work that is done in the lab. Historically this work was performed by scientists, but now this routine lab work can be performed by robots. Work that used to take hours or days can now take a matter of minutes if it’s implemented correctly by Deloitte.