Deloitte university was just a thought back in 2006 when the CEO of Deloitte was just thinking of the idea. Who knew that it would be shaping the future of Deloitte. Many partners were opposed to having such a large fixed cost because they wanted the ability to cut costs in the time of a recession.

deloitte university

Deloitte university

Deloitte decided to build Deloitte university because they found that 70% of learning occurs informally. This is what Deloitte University is built around. It is built around informal learning. There are classrooms, but Deloitte wants their people to learn by interacting with each other in the social areas all around the campus.

  1. $300 million to build Deloitte University
  2. The first Deloitte university opened on October 19, 2011
  3. Another $113 million was spent on training
  4. 800 room resort
  5. 750,000 sq ft facility
  6. 107 acres of land
  7. Deloitte University Houses an interactive media wall
  8. Houses a 20,000 sq ft ballroom
  9. A 12,000 sq ft fitness center
  10. 500 permanent workers
  11. 50,000 professionals make there way through Deloitte University in Dallas each year
  12. Food is free, alcohol is not
  13. There are courses for clients held at Deloitte University
  14. The idea was first developed my Barry Salzberg, Deloitte’s former chief executive officer at the firms 2006 partners meeting
  15. There is no pool, hot tub or sauna
  16. There are 35 high tech classrooms
  17. 33 team rooms
  18. 176 seat Amphitheatre
  19. Ranch style decor
  20. Has a story wall in the lobby
  21. Has an associate finder to allow anyone to find someone else in the facility
  22. SWA group did the landscaping architecture for Deloitte

As stated above there are several courses for clients to take at the center. There is a CFO academy for people being groomed to be CFO’s . There is even a CIO academy now.

The market is the main dining area in the Deloitte University located in Dallas. They feature buffet style food. They serve 3 meals a day. There are no two seater tables.

375 bistro offers coffee and snacks. All the tables are meant to get people to socialize together.

There are no pay per views in the room.

After 5:30 people are encouraged to head over to the Barn. The barn is the sports bar type of area for all the Deloitte folks to mingle. This is where all the happy hours take place.

The Deloitte university facility in Westlake Texas also houses a 12,000 square foot gym. There is personal training at the gym. There are also athletic fields and a two mile trail for running and walking.

The architect of the building was Gensler. The builder was Turner Construction.

Many people acknowledge that the development of Deloitte University has boosted recruiting efforts.

In Conclusion

Should you join Deloitte just because they have an awesome facility like Deloitte University? No, you shouldn’t but it definitely is a plus in the benefit column. There have been studies that facilities like these boost morale and recruiting in the short term, but the long term effects don’t last because people just end up doing work in the hallways and lobbies of these facilities. They don’t see the value in going to huge hotels to get their learn on.

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