Deloitte added 623 partners in 2016

Deloitte recently announced that 623 professionals were promoted to partner across the global firm this year. This represents an increase of 4% versus 2015.

They added that there was a significant increase in female partners. 26% of the new partner class was represented by females.

48 of the 623 new partners were in Deloitte Australia. 

80  out of the 623 were promoted in Deloitte UK. 30% of the new partners in the UK were women.

EY at the Emmys

EY is responsible for counting and securing the votes at the Emmy’s similar to what PwC does at the Oscars. It is usually an uneventful thing for EY, but this year they got a little bit of publicity out of it.

Leslie Jones called out EY saying that nobody cares about Emmy votes and that their nothing to guard. What they need to protect is her twitter account. This comes after Leslie Jones has faced a lot of bullying on twitter over the past year.

She was wondering if E&Y could protect her twitter account for her