Who Won #AuditorProud Day?

If you didn’t notice, yesterday was #AuditorProud day. AuditorProud day was an initiative started by the Center for Audit Quality (CAQ). They wanted to highlight the importance and value-add that auditors provide in the capital markets today. 

The way the CAQ wanted to display this message was by encouraging auditors around the world to use the hashtag #AuditorProud when discussing why they liked auditing. 

The first annual #AuditorProud day was on December 10, 2015. For some reason they moved up the anniversary to September 22, 2016 from December 10, 2016. I guess they were overjoyed and couldn’t wait for all the excitement. They barely released the highlights from 2015 on  June 20, 2016. Maybe it was all the excitement from that video that made them speed up the 2016 auditor day. 

Well let’s get down to our analysis of this year’s #AuditorProud Day. 

Instagram #AuditorProud

PwC US Careers and EY US Careers accounts rivaled each other for the top posts on Instagram. The careers page for both of these big 4 firms did well obviously because one of the main objectives of #auditorproud day is recruitment. Not at all surprising when you look at the board for the Center for Audit Quality. It is filled with big 4 leadership. 

Twitter #AuditorProud Day

Top tweet on twitter was actually EY. The main reason is because EY’s post includes a nifty little video of an auditor walking all around the world observing the impact that audit has on the world.  Too bad this video came out the same week that EY set a new precedent in violating independence. 


Facebook #AuditorProud Day

EY wins the day on Facebook. The top post on facebook on AuditorDay was a post from the EY US Chairman, Steve Howe. His post included a link to an article that he wrote on Linkedin. 

Youtube #AuditorProud Day

PwC dominated Youtube. They were the only firm that really released anything on Youtube other than the Center for Audit Quality. They released a video highlighting how an auditor is not such a bad gig. They tried to show this by knocking down the stereotypes of an auditor. Of course they highlighted their new flexible dress code policy in the video.

PwC’s Assurance Leader Maria Moats also released a few videos on Youtube. 

We also released a funny #AuditorProud video on Youtube that shows how the big 4 accounting firms plan for AuditorProud day.


It looks like EY dominated most of the social media platforms’ top posts. I would say they won 2016 AuditorProud day. Let us know if you think otherwise in the comments section below.

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