Big 4 Accounting Scandals (2018)

The big 4 accounting firms have to deal with large accounting scandals every year. It’s hard to keep track of all the accounting scandals, but that’s what the purpose of this page is. We’ve tracked the largest accounting scandals of 2018 below. There are different categories of scandals involving the big 4. Some of

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3 Important Questions Highlighted By PwC’s Failed Audit Of Facebook Privacy Controls

There are several issues for the big 4 brought about by the Facebook Cambridge analytica privacy scandal. In that scandal Cambridge analytica was utilizing private information of Facebook users to try and influence the U.S. presidential election. This should have been caught by Facebook because they were supposed to have strong controls following a

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PwC Develops Virtual Reality Solution To Help Clients Navigate The Future

PwC has worked extensively with a firm called REWIND to come up with a new virtual reality solution. This new solution that PwC built with REWIND will help PwC’s client help understand how disruption could impact their organization. pwc virtual reality disruption 2018 Pricewaterhousecoopers using VR to help clients see the future

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PwC Faces Large Malpractice Verdict In Case Against FDIC

In other accounting scandal news in April 2018, PwC faces the largest auditor malpractice verdict ever in the United States. This verdict might be handed down in the lawsuit of the FDIC vs PwC. The case relates to Colonial Bank which we’ve covered heavily on this podcast. Colonial Bank is the bank that collapsed

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Ukraine’s Largest Bank Privatbank Sues Pricewaterhousecoopers for $3 billion

pwc privatbank lawsuit Ukraine's largest bank has filed a lawsuit against PwC in early April 2018. This is another lawsuit that came from the Privatbank nationalization in 2016. This relates to audits that PwC conducted in 2013-2015. The bank says that they have suffered due to the extensive breaches by PwC of

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PwC Recruits Millennials With Retreats and Worklife Balance

There wasn’t too much news about the big 4 this week other than a few controversies that popped up so I wanted to speak about an article that was recently released in Quartz spoke about a millennial uprising at the big 4 accounting firm Pricewaterhousecoopers. This article was later picked up by

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Will The Big 4 Accounting Firms Be Broken Up And PwC Uses Blockchain to Audit

A lot happened in March 2018 for the big 4 accounting firms. A few of the biggest news stories are included below. Top UK watchdog looks into breaking up the big 4 There have been a lot of scandals related to the big 4 accounting firms in the past few years which leads

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EY Builds Robots in Canada and KPMG Gets Paid By GE

There were a number of positive news stories about the Big Four accounting firms in second week of March 2018. The big 4 gained significant positive recognition and introduced new programs for community-building and social development, a complete turnaround from the criticisms thrown their way the week prior. Deloitte and KPMG Recognized by

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Deloitte & EY 2018 Gender Pay Gap And Big 4 Accounting Sexual Harassment

It was a week full of damage control for the world’s leading accounting firms as they try to save their reputation and keep their clientele engaged amidst allegations of employee misconduct and large gender pay gaps. Ernst & Young faces harassment controversy & UK gender pay gap big 4 sexual harassment Take

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