Deloitte received several key awards throughout 2017. A number of these awards were received by the Deloitte Digital Practice.

Deloitte Digital is essentially Deloitte’s new marketing and advertising division.

#1 – Australia Financial Review Top 100 Graduate Employers (February 2017)

In February of 2017, Deloitte was named number 1 on Australia’s top graduate employers list. This was the second year in a row that Deloitte received the designation in Australia.

Deloitte was the most popular choice receiving 18% of the vote from graduates. PwC received 15%, KPMG received 13% and EY received 8% of the vote.

#2 – SAP Hybris Award (March 2017)

In March of 2017, SAP awarded Deloitte with the SAP Hybris 2017 partner of the year award for the Americas region. The award was provided to partners in 2016 that made outstanding contributions to driving customers digital transformations. As you well know, Deloitte has a strong brand in the digital transformation consulting arena.

#3 – Adweek’s Power List 2017 (April 2017)

The head of Deloitte Digital was named to Adweek’s power list 2017. The head of Deloitte Digital is Andy Main. The list features the top 100 leaders in marketing, media and technology. This is a huge award for Deloitte because they are accounting firm that is winning an advertising award. It’s a pretty prolific thing for an employee of an accounting firm to win this award.

Andy was ranked 79th in the power 100 list. Deloitte’s acquisition of Heat contributed to his ranking in the top 100.

#4 – Cloudcraze partner of the year (October 2017)

Cloudcraze which is a b2b commerce platform built around Salesforce named Deloitte Digital its 2017 Global Partner of the Year. It was provided the award because of its deep commitment to the Cloudcraze platform and the key clients that they helped Cloudcraze win. This was the inaugural year for the Cloudcraze awards.

This is a key award for Deloitte to win as Salesforce continues to gain traction with many companies as their go to CRM platform.

#5 – Dreamforce 2017 Conference (December 2017)

They also won multiple awards at the Dreamforce 2017 event. Deloitte won two Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards and an industry award. Deloitte implemented some solutions with Jaguar Land Rover of China that enabled them to win the innovation awards this year.

#6 – Alicia Hatch

Alicia Hatch who is Deloitte’s Chief Marketing Officer received a couple of awards in 2017. She was named a top tech savvy CMO according to Adweek and she was named to Adweek’s 50 list. It seems that Deloitte’s advertising and marketing executives are being continuously recognized by Adweek which is good for their growing marketing practice.