PwC has worked extensively with a firm called REWIND to come up with a new virtual reality solution. This new solution that PwC built with REWIND will help PwC’s client help understand how disruption could impact their organization.

pwc virtual reality disruption 2018

pwc virtual reality disruption 2018

Pricewaterhousecoopers using VR to help clients see the future

PwC and REWIND built a futuristic virtual reality city where clients can see the ways emerging technologies like robotics, drones and climate change might impact their future.

What is Disruption and Why do the Big 4 Speak about it so much?

Disruption for those of you that don’t know is this catch all term in business that can mean anything from political change to climate change to emerging technologies. This is a key term in the professional services  field because the bigger the disruptions that you are able to think of, the more products and services you can sell to clients to prepare them for those disruptions. You might also hear these things called megatrends.

PwC and all of the big 4 are constantly pitching disruption ideas and megatrends to their clients so that their clients by fancy new services in anticipiation and fear of those disruptions. For example, the big 4 have been selling automation technology for years to accounting departments telling them that everyone is automating. Not all clients believed this and many of them did not buy into it. Now the big 4 have moved away from automation and now they are selling robotics and artificial intelligence. Again it’s the clients with the biggest budgets and fears that buy into this stuff, but I guarantee you every organization out there does not buy into it. There are still plenty of clients out there that don’t even have automation. There are many large public companies that still consolidate their financials using good old Microsoft excel. If you only listen to the big 4 though, you’d think every organization had a team of robots powered by artificial intelligence preparing their financial statements.