5 Things You Need to Know About The Accountant

The Accountant comes out in theaters on October 14, 2016. It has an all star case featuring Ben Affleck, J.K. Simmons, Anna Kendrick among others. There hasn’t been much press about the movie. That’s why i wanted to cover 5 things you likely don’t know about the movie. 

1. Christian Wolff has Autism

Ben Affleck and the director, Gavin O’Connor, have stated publicly that the main character, Christian Wolff, has autism. Christian Wolff is  a math genius who lives with autism. This character definitely has a lot going on in his life. 

He is an accountant, who is also a money launderer, an assassin, a fugitive and a person living with autism. All those things should make for a great movie. Most of us have a difficult time just being accountants and being good family members. 

Bill Dubuque decided to give the character autism when writing the script. He was approached by a producer of the film saying that they would like him to write a financial thriller. He wasn’t interested until he decided that the character would have autism. 

Ben Affleck and Gavin have also stated that they are worried how the movie will be received by the autism community. They are afraid that they might not be portraying autism accurately and that the public will take it badly. 

Ben Affleck also noted that he spent a lot of time learning about autism to ensure that he portrayed it correctly. 


2. The writer was a corporate headhunter before he became a screenwriter

The writer Bill Dubuque used to be a corporate headhunter. Variety profiled him a couple of years ago when he was involved with the script for the movie “the Judge.”

THe Judge starred Robert Downey Jr. 

Bill’s first movie, The Headhunters Calling, caught the eye of Robert Downey Jr. who asked Bill to help work on the script for the Judge.

The accountant is only Bill Dubuques third movie, so we will have to see how it turns out. 

It should be within Bill’s wheelhouse to write a good script about an accountant. I believe this because corporate headhunters often deal with placing accountants. He’s probably dealt with accountants during his 12 years as a corporate headhunter.

Even if he doesn’t have specific experience in placing accountants, he likely has experience placing similar professionals. 

3. John Lithgow is in the movie

The great John lithgow is in this movie. This was shocking because he was not prominently featured in many of the trailers. 

John Lithgow’s character Lamar Blackburn is central to The Accountant story. 

Lamar Blackburn is the owner of prosthetics company. Christian Wolff is hired to look into some confusing losses at the robotics company discovered by Dana Cummings(Anna Kendrick). Dana Cummings is a junior accountant that found the losses. 

John Lithgow is a great actor, and I am sure he does a great job in this movie. 

He is well known for his roles in movies such as Interstellar, Ricochet, Cliffhanger and Terms of Endearment. He is also known for his roles in tv shows such as 3rd rock from the Sun and Dexter. 

4. Anna Kendricks mother was an accountant

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Anna Kendrick went on Good Morning America and spoke about her mother being an accountant. After she received the role in The Accountant, Anna Kendrick sent the scrip to her mom asking for help. 

She didn’t understand some terms in the script and that is why she enlisted her mothers help. 

Her mother has been an accountant all of her life, so it makes sense that she utilized her help.

She also said that her mother was happy to see that the movie made accountants look cool. 

5. Jon Bernthal is an assassin 

Jon Bernthal who gained popularity in The Walking Dead TV show, is an assassin (Braxton) in the movie. It looks like he is one of Christian Wolff’s clients, but he eventually tries to kill Christian Wolff. Based on the trailers, it looks like he might be trying to tie up loose ends. The problem with Jon Bernthal’s approach is that the Accountant is also a deadly assassin, so he might be meeting his match. 

I think Jon Bernthal will be an excellent assassin. He was pretty good in The Walking Dead, and he was even better in Daredevil as the Punisher. 


In conclusion, this movie is the first bad ass movie about accounting that I can remember. It has an all-star cast as well. I am hoping this movie will be great and make accountants look awesome.