I wanted to speak about a couple upcoming movies that accountants need to watch. I went to go watch a movie the other day and two trailers were featured that I thought would appeal to accountants.

The Accountant

The first one was the Accountant which I featured here before. It seems like this is going to be a great movie and will hit home for a lot of accountants. It shows how many people are forced into the life of being an accountant. It’s a safe major to choose in college, but we don’t think of the larger impact it will have on our happiness. 

As children we all like doing fun and interesting things. As we progressed in life though nobody really encouraged us to use our creative sides. People told us that accounting was a safe career and that’s why a lot of us chose it, but it leaves a lot of us unfulfilled. 

That’s what the latest accountant trailer shows. It shows Ben Affleck as a child and how he doesn’t fit in. He’s very smart, but he’s also very awkward. 

Instead of his parents trying to help him and foster his unique talents, they tell him that people don’t like other people that don’t fit in

They tell him that accounting is safe. It looks like he becomes an accountant and is unfulfilled, so he does other dark things that play to his strengths. He is extremely smart and passionate, and he uses that intelligence and passion to launder money for assassins, cartels and other criminals. It seems that he might also use that same passion to bring down criminals. 

Even though this movie might be a bit of a stretch as far as providing an insight into an average accountant’s life, I think it still teaches a great lesson. Make sure accounting is what you really want to do otherwise you might tend towards other destructive things to fulfill yourself. 

Office Christmas Party


On that note let’s talk about the next movie. The next movie shows what happens when corporate employees are unfulfilled at work. They try to let loose at corporate happy hours. The name of the movie is the Office Christmas Party. 

This movie stars Kate McKinnon, Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Munn, and Jason Bateman.

This movie looks hilarious, and it looks like some of the happy hours I’ve attend while working at the big 4. The big 4 accounting firms in New York throw these huge Office Christmas Parties and they always end up devolving just like the party in this trailer. The stories that come out of them sometimes last for ages.

In the preview you see people trying to swing from the ceiling and likely ending up with a serious injury. You also see that one boss who hates the happy hour trying to make sure it doesn’t happen, but in corporate america people always want that Office Christmas Party. It’s just how people let loose before the big Christmas vacation. 

I’m interested to see how the movie turns out and if it comes close to a typical big 4 Christmas party.