Will There Be A Sequel To The Accountant?

The Accountant 2


Ben Affleck was recently honored at AutFest Autism Film Festival where he was given an award for his role in the Movie The Accountant. This was the first iteration of the film festival as well.

Affleck was given the award because his character Christian Wolff had autism.

At the Festival Ben Affleck resoundingly said that there will in fact be an Accountant 2 Movie.

Ben Affleck also made the following statement at the film festival:

It was really moving, the degree to which people were willing to talk about their private lives and struggles and that sort of thing with me; their secret thoughts and insecurities and all the things we carry with us that we don’t normally just share with everybody. People were extremely generous in giving to me and I wanted to repay that generosity with A, a movie that respected them and their stories, and B, just support for them because I think it’s a cool thing that there’s an autistic superhero.

Even though Ben did give the thumbs up on the sequel to The Accountant movie he did not provide any specifics around the movie, so you should go ahead and read the article below to get our ideas about what the sequel could be about.

One interesting development since the initial release is Steve Mnuchin’s appointment as Treasury Secretary. If you don’t know, Steve Mnuchin was one of the producers of the first movie.

One of the key roles in the first movie was J.K. Simmons character who worked as Treasury officer which is somewhat foreboding since Steve Mnuchin would take the office over soon. It will be interesting to see how the Treasury plays into the second movie now that Steve Mnuchin has an insider’s view on the role. I know that he can’t be directly involved because of perception, but it would be interesting to see how they weave the Treasury into the second movie if at all.

Will there be a sequel to the accountant? There is no official word yet but if it is up the director, there would be a sequel.

He made the following statement:

In the second one, if we’re ever fortunate to do it, I keep having this idea of a Catcher in the Rye kind of thing. He’s surrounded by children, dealing with slavery and these kids that are sex slaves and things like that… If there’s a way to deal with that subject matter and him saving children, that’s something I’d be really interested in doing.

That’s definitely a creepy statement, but I get what he’s trying to say. He wants Ben Affleck’s character to help out kids in an unfortunate situation. That is just Gavin’s input. He’d have to meet up with Bill Dubuque, the script writer, to get his buy off. Bill might have some other thoughts as well for The Accountant movie script.

I’ve checked the IMDB of the highest profile people associated with The Accountant and there is no sign that the sequel to the accountant is in the works yet. That doesn’t mean it is not possible.

The movie did really well for an original screenplay. It wasn’t a superhero movie, and it wasn’t based on a comic. Yet it still did well which points to its potential for a sequel.

The writer, Bill Dubuque, just wanted to write about an interesting, original character, and he wanted to write about autism. He accomplished that in The Accountant Script.

Since the movie performed well, and it is a huge action movie with huge stars – I am sure that it will get its chance at a sequel.

How well did the movie do?

According to box office mojo it made $151 million worldwide on a budget of 44 million. That is over a 300% rate of return on your investment, so there is really no reason not to give the movie a second shot. Pun intended.

Other Stats From Box Office Mojo

Flip this box to find out how well The Accountant did

The Accountant Did Well

The Accountant movie ranks 781 on the all time domestic movie ranks

It ranks 31 for all time October opening weekends

It was 35th in the Top Movies released in the past year.

Now that we’ve gone over reasons why there should be a sequel to the accountant movie, let’s go over some potential plots.

Potential Scripts for the Accountant 2

Plot 1 – The Accountant 2 – The Accountant Goes Public

Ben Affleck stars as the accountant again, but this time he is working at the 4 big accounting firms. Public accounting is a different monster than the private practice he was in before, but he could blend in more as the accounting firms often have hundreds of thousands of employees.

Big 4 accounting firms also allow their people to have international clients and travel internationally, so this could allow affleck’s character to travel all over the world. He could even fly out to some remote African village and save those kids that Gavin O’conor was speaking about.


Plot 2 – The Accountant 2 – The Accountant’s Girlfriend

Lets get serious here. Ben Affleck has a lot of DC superhero movies coming up, so there is a possibility he wont have availability for to do the sequel to the accountant movie. So, in our next possible plot for the sequel, we’d have anna Kendrick starring.

In this movie, she’d be inspired by what happened to her in the first movie. She spotted fraud and helped take down the man perpetrating the fraud. She also saw how Ben Affleck’s character was able to come in and save the day. She is very smart, so she learns quickly. She sets up her own trailer in a storage facility, trains with a martial arts expert, and trains with some former navy seals that she befriends by doing their taxes.

Then she does what she does best – she gets a job at a controversial large corporation suspected of money laundering. She finds out who they are laundering money for and goes after them. The villain could be some cartel character like Chapo Guzman. She uses all the tools she’s learned from Christian Wolff and takes the cartel down, and is even able to shut down her company’s money laundering in the process.


Plot 3 – The Accountant 2 – Double Booked

Another potential plot for the Accountant 2 could feature Jon Bernthal’s character. He seemed like a pretty legit action character himself in the first movie.

The second movie could feature him doing more of his assassin work for another financial type. This time it could be a CEO trying to get rid of one of his business rivals. The only problem being that his rival has a bunch of ex-military type body guards who thwart, Braxton Wolff.

This is where Ben Affleck’s character would come into the movie and save his brother. This would only require a couple days of shooting from Ben which wouldn’t take away from his busy schedule on the DC movies.


Will there be an accountant 2? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say YES — There will be an Accountant 2. As far as the timeline, I’m not too sure. Ben Affleck has multiple projects ongoing such as Batman and Justice League, but even if it takes a while, I can bet that there will be a sequel to this.

Hollywood is enamored with juggernaut action movie reboots, so this brand won’t get too stale on the shelf before it is rebooted. I’m sure the studio would even use another actor if they had to get this one going. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on the potential Accountant 2.

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