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The Accountant Wiki

The Accountant Wiki. In this page we seek to give an overview of the movie The Accountant starring Ben Affleck. We first provide information about the initial release of the Accountant and then we go into the details of the behind the scenes of the movie followed by a general plot overview and other blogs that we have posted about the Movie.

The Accountant movie release date

The release date of the Accountant is October 14, 2016.

The Accountant Movie Trailer

The Accountant Trailer number one

The first trailer gives you some background into who the accountant is. This was more of a teaser trailer. It came out back in May of 2016.

This trailer provides the origins story of the accountant. He was a troubled young man who was very bright. His father didn’t like that he was bright, so he tells him to fight back.

His father did not understand the implications of pushing his bright son so hard. Christian Wolff becomes an international man of mystery. We see in the trailer that he is involved in a lot of gunplay. He does more than just prepare debits and credits.

His ledger contains more than financial numbers. It contains a lot of dead bodies as well.

The Accountant Trailer number two

Trailer number two provides a little more insight into the plot of the accountant. We pick up where the first trailer left off. It starts with young Christian Wolff in the doctor’s office.

The doctor speaks about how bright the accountant is, and then we get a sneak peek into the accountant’s life.

He is writing on the wall of a corporate office trying to follow the numbers. Then we see him outside a corporate office complex with Anna Kendrick who plays Danna Cummings. She is a junior accountant at one of Christian Wolff’s clients

She makes fun of accountants saying they wear pocket protectors. Ben Affleck says that he wears a pocket protector. These two scenes help highlight that the accountant is actually an accountant and not just an international money launderer.

We also get a glimpse into the man who is hunting Christian Wolff and a glimpse into why he is hunting the accountant. JK Simmons shows one of his colleagues pictures of international criminals. Each image has the accountant in it, but the images do not show his face. This goes to show that the accountant is good at covering his tracks. It also shows that the accountant has no fear if he meets with these criminals face-to-face. He works with drug cartels, arms dealers, terrorists and assassins.

We also learn that the accountant gets very close to Anna Kendrick’s character in this trailer. It looks like he has to fight off some of his clients as well. It looks like the Accountant might be motivated by protecting Anna Kendrick’s character.

We will learn what truly motivates the accountant when the movie comes out on October 14.

The Accountant Movie Quotes

“I have difficulty socializing with other people. Even though I want to”

— Christian Wolff

“Some of my clients are really dangerous.”

— Christian Wolff

“Your different…sooner or later different scares people. You think if you don’t fight back then maybe they’ll like ya. Stop picking on ya. stop calling you a freak. Victim or not make a decision. ”

— Chris’ Father (Robert C. Treveiler)

“Your son is a remarkable young man. It wouldn’t surprise me if he has more in common with einstein, mozart and picasso than he does with us. He has highly advanced cognitive skills, the obsessive personality. ”

— Neurologist (Jason Davis)

“Maybe he’s capable of much more than we know. ”

— Neurologist (Jason Davis)

“Say you’re the head of the Sinoloa cartel. Who can you trust to track your stolen cash? He’s capable of coming in cold, uncooking years of books and getting out alive. Imagine the secrets this guy has. ”

— Raymond King (JK Simmons)

“Who Are You?”

— Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick)

“Can our son lead a normal life?”

— Chris’ Father (Robert C. Treveiler)

The Accountant Cast & Crew


Gavin O’Connor

Gavin O’Connor is the director of the Accountant. He’s most well known for directing Warrior which was a movie about a mixed martial arts fighter.


Bill Dubuque

Bill Dubuque wrote the script for The Accountant. He was formerly a corporate headhunter. He said what motivated him to write this script was that the accountant who would be the central character would have autism.

Bill Dubuque was approached by the producer Mark Williams to write a financial thriller about a forensic accountant.

That didn’t appeal as much to Bill until he thought about the accountant having autism.


One of the key producers in the movie is Steve Mnuchin. Steve Mnuchin is now the Treasury Secretary which is pretty funny because he has the ability to now impact thousands of accountant of lives through tax reform. The Accountant does a lot of tax consulting in the movie, so it will be funny to see how Steve Mnuchin’s work will impact Christian Wolff in the future. It seems that he won’t be just impacting his work by financing his movies.


Christian Wolff – (Ben Affleck)

The main character in the movie is Christian Wolff. This character is played by Ben Affleck. Many people have theorized that he might be an offshoot of Bruce Wayne and Batman, but Ben Affleck has denied that. Based on press that Ben Affleck and Gavin O’connor have done, it is presumed that Christian Wolff has autism.

Dana Cummings – (Anna Kendrick)

Dana Cummings is played by Anna Kendrick. She is a junior accountant. She spots an irregularity that Christian Wolff is later called in to fix.

Based on the trailer it looks like she is the romantic interest of Chrisitan Wolff. She thinks that Christian Wolff is a simple accountant, but she quickly finds out that he is something more.

Braxton – Jon Bernthal

Braxton is an assassin that appears to be coming after Christian Wolff. Christian Wolff helps cook the books, but Braxton wants to clear his ledger and make sure there are no traces left behind.

We all know Jon Bernthal from the walking dead series and daredevil. It’s definitely going to be strange seeing him with a full head of hair in this movie.

I think that he will make a great assassin in this movie.

Raymond King  – (JK Simmons)

Raymond king is the head of the Treasury Department’s crime enforcement division. He is tasked with taking down Christian Wolff. He knows that there is someone successfully cooking the books for crime organizations all over the world, but he can’t pinpoint who. He sees the same person in photos of the world’s most notorious criminals, but he doesn’t know who the person is. Little does he know that it is an accountant.

Francis Silverberg  – Jeffrey Tambor

Francis Silverberg is Chris’ mentor in the movie. He is another crooked accountant that is in prison. Chris ends up in prison and connects with Francis. F

Francis is played by Jeffery Tambor. Jeffrey Tambor is a well-known actor. He is most recently known for acting in Transparent.

Lamar Blackburn – John Lithgow

The great John Lithgow plays Lamar Blackburn who is the found of Living Robotics. Christian Wolff is brought in to perform some work for Living robotics.

Alison Wright – Justine

Alison Wright is not a famous actress, but Justine is a key person in Christian’s life. She provides all the research and support to Christian in the movie. She is first shown in the movie providing a puzzle piece to Christian. The movie also does a good job showing how talented she is despite her disability. It will be interesting to see how her character is involved in future movies.

The Accountant Plot (Spoilers)

The Accountant movie is about an accountant — shocker. Well it is actually about more than just the accountant. It is a movie about many things. It is about functioning in society with what people see as a disability. Does Christian actually have a disability or is it something that he is turned into a strength. It is a puzzle that you will have to figure out. That is another part that the movie wants to present to you is a series of puzzles all of which are the sum total of Christian Wolff. He is more than just an accountant.

  • He is a military man whom his father built up.
  • He is martial artist.
  • He is an assassin.
  • He is an international criminal.
  • His is a forensic accountant.

His resume is insane, right?

This puzzle that is Christian Wolff is what J.K. Simmons presents to his protege Marybeth Medina. He tells her to figure out the puzzle of the accountant. She ultimately figures it out, and he rewards her by handing her the case of making sure that the Accountant is protected. The Accountant knows that he is being followed by the Treasury, but he doesn’t necessarily care because he is smarter than them.

The Accountant also has many other puzzles as well. The two other puzzles that you will have to figure out are his relationships with Anna Kendrick’s character and his relationship with Jon Bernthal’s character. Jon Bernthal plays Christian’s brother in this movie, and they appear to be foes but ultimately end up on good terms.

Another puzzle is Christian’s struggle with good vs. bad. It seems that he works for some really terrible people but that he ultimately ends up taking them down or handing them over to the Treasury.

Jon Lithgow is one Christian’s primary foes in the movie. He appears to be a client of Christian’s, but he knows that Christian will ultimately figure out the puzzle of fraud, so he ultimately hires assassins to come in and take him out. One of those assassin’s is Christian’s own brother.

The movie ends with Christian giving Anna Kendrick one of his stolen paintings, but he does not end up with her. We will have to see if he ends up with her in the Accountant sequel.

The Accountant Paintings

The two paintings presented in the movie The Accountant are:

Woman with Parasol and Child * (Worth is greater than $70 million)

The painting was painted by Renoir in 1874. His full name is Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and it is assumed that The Accountant received both of these paintings as compensation for working with some of the wealthiest criminals int he world.

The second painting in the movie was:

Free Form * (Worth is greater than $100 million)

The painting Free Form was painted by Jackson Pollock in 1946.

These painting aren’t currently for sale or has been sold recently, so we don’t know exactly how much the paintings are worth. A recent painting by Renoir was sold for north of $70 million. I think the Woman with Parasol and Child is easily worth more than $70 million.

Jackson Pollock’s most famous paintings have sold for more than $200 million. Those are pretty insane prices for paintings. I think with some Pollock’s even selling for more than $200 million it is easy to say the painting in the accountant could easily sell for more than $100 million.

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