The Accountant Movie Review

The Accountant starring Ben Affleck is much better than some of the criticism it has received. It only received about 50% on rotten tomatoes. 

It is a thrilling and interesting movie with a lot of plot twists.

The movie centers around an accountant named Christian Wolff. He is played by Ben Affleck. 

You later learn in the movie that the name Christian Wolff is derived from a mathematician. 

Christian has autism and that is central part of the plot. The movie tries to show how a person with autism functions in society. It shows how a person with autism might be awkward, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t smart. 

The movie opens up with the accountant sitting in his office with two clients. They are filing their taxes and are facing a hefty tax bill. Christian consults his clients on how to claim home business deductions on their tax return to  reduce their taxes. It’s funny because this is how most people view tax accountants. 

Christian is an accountant, but he is also an international man of mystery. That is likely why many people have drawn the parallel between him and Ben Affleck’s other popular character, Bruce Wayne

The other major character is Dana Cummings who is played by Anna Kendrick. She is a junior accountant at a robotics company who finds a discrepancy in her company’s financial statements. 

Christian Wolff is the center of an investigation from the Treasury Department’s crime unit throughout the movie. Because of this investigation, his business partner suggests that he takes a regular client to shed some heat. 

He decides to take a robotics company as a client to accomplish this. The robotics company is where Dana Cummings works. 

Christian Wolff and Dana get to the root of the financial problems at the robotics company, but they quickly find that their findings comes with consequences. 

In dealing with those consequences, Christian learns to be slightly less socially awkward. He accomplishes this by getting close to Dana. He is able to connect with her on a nerdy accountant level.  

The action in this movie was great, and the references to accounting are cool. I think it shows how accountants can be cool even if their jobs aren’t the most exciting. 

The movie also shows how you can make accounting cool if you are passionate about it. Christian comes into every accounting situation very confident because he of his high level of intelligence. 

The accounting scenes are a bit cheesy because they use general accounting terms. They also make accounting seem very easy. Christian tears through 15 years of financial records in one night. 

They also reference the Crazy Eddie financial fraud which is funny since most accountants learn about that case in their college accounting class.  I think the creators of this movie just googled “things accountants learn” and came up with the terms they used in this movie. 

There are some cheesy components to this movie, but they aren’t overbearing. 


If you are an accountant, you need to go see The Accountant. The good parts of this movie exceed the cheesy low points. The action is great, and the movie is packed with great actors. It also takes an interesting look at autism and our understanding of intelligence.

It’s not common that accountants are at the center of a movie so go out and see The Accountant asap.