EY Canada is changing their dress code to be more like PwC’s new casual dress code. The promotion is called “jeans, the everyday option.” This is in light of other companies including PwC that are making the workplace more casual in order to appease millennials and to recruit Gen Z.

What are your thoughts about EY’s new dress code or PwC’s new dress code?

I think all of the big 4 across the world are going to be leaning this direction. So many of them already let almost their whole workforce work from home, so what does it matter if they let them show up in jeans as long as they actually show up to work.

I think that’s the other thing. Millennials already show up to work in casual business attire, so how big of a leap is letting them wear jeans? I don’t think it is that big of a leap.

Guidelines that Ernst and Young has provided around this new dress code policy is below.

The YES List

  • Dress shirts with collars, non-wrinkled polo shirts

  • Professional-looking sweaters, blouses and shirts

  • Sports coats and jackets

  • Dress, slacks, khakis, skirts and dark jeans in good condition

  • Loafers, dress shoes, mules, flats, boots and pumps

  • Peep-toed and sling-back shoes with a professional appearance

The NO List

  • T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies

  • Ripped, distressed or light-wash denim

  • Shorts of any kind

  • Sandals, sneakers, boatshoes and flip flops

  • Athletic or lounge-wear, including baseball caps and yoga wear

I really hope people push the envelope on this stuff and wear distressed and worn out jeans. I mean that is the style nowadays. Who wants to wear boring dark jeans? Isn’t that just like wearing slacks?


What is EY changing the dress code?

EY is making the bold move to help strengthen their culture and continue to make EY an employer of choice

Do you have to wear jeans?

Jeans are not mandatory. You’re welcome to continue wearing your regular attire.

Are all jeans acceptable?

Medium to dark wash jeans in good condition are allowed in the office. Please refrain from wearing distressed jeans or light-wash jeans.

Who does this policy apply to?

All people across all levels, service lines and groups can wear jeans (in Canada).

What about Fridays?

Does wearing jeans mean my whole outfit can be casual?

No. Your outfit should be business appropriate.

Does this change what I’m allowed to wear on Fridays?

No. This change has no impact on your Friday attire.

What to do when seeing clients

What if a client is visiting the EY offices?

Based on your knowledge of the client, use your judgment to determine how formal to dress.

What if I’m at a client site? 

When visiting a client site, please abide by their dress code.