As you might remember PwC screwed up the 2017 Oscars by handing the wrong envelope to Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. This year there will be increased scrutiny on them and hopefully they don’t mess up. With that being said I wanted to go ahead and discuss five things that you can expect to see if this year’s Oscars as it relates to PWC.

#1 – There will be a new team of presenters

The first thing is is that there are going to be new presenters. Last year it was Martha Ruiz and Brian Cullinan. This year the presenters will be Rick Rosas and Kimberly Bourdon. Rick Rosas is a veteran of the Academy Awards — he used to be the presenter for PwC at the Oscars for 14 years.

Another thing you can expect from the PWC presenters this year is that they will not be tweeting during the Oscars. In order for PWC to maintain the account they had to agree to not allow their partners to have cell phones during the Academy Awards. PWC was lucky enough to keep the account, so they were more than willing to throw their cell phones in the trash in order to keep the prestige that comes with presenting at the Oscars.

#2 – There will be more controls around the envelopes

Another thing that you can expect to see at the 90th Oscars is additional controls. PWC has mentioned that there are additional controls being implemented. And this includes partners memorizing with actual winners are encased envelopes actually wrong. You know partners behind stage making sure the right envelope is being handed out. As we previously said before none of the partners can have cell phones. There are also a number of other controls that PWC mentioned that they had implemented since they’ve learned their lesson.

I mean there’s only so many controls you can have around counting ballots, putting them in an envelope, and having the right envelope to the right person.

I don’t think it was an issue of whether there were enough controls.

I think he was the issue was with was that PwC was too concerned with representing their brand. They weren’t concerned with making sure that the ultimate winner at the Academy Awards was correct. I think the control the needs to be put in place this year is managing PwC’s ego.

One thing to keep an eye out for at this Academy Awards is to see how those controls pan out and see whether PwC has any errors or mishaps.

I’m sure before the broadcast and during the broadcast and probably even after there will be many people speaking about these new controls and interviewing the PWC partners.

#3 Tim Ryan will be attending

The next thing that you can expect at the 2018 Academy Awards is that you will see Tim Ryan. Tim Ryan is the US chairman of PWC. As the US chairman he is responsible for this engagement as it is in the United States. He understands that the risk is so high that he has to be the 2018 Oscars to manage the process. I’m sure the Academy Awards also requested that he be present for this broadcast. I’m sure he’ll be shown during the broadcast released before the broadcast and some pre-shows will interview him.

#4 – There won’t be any social media activity from PwC

Another thing you can expect during the 90th Academy Awards with PwC presenting is that there won’t be much social media activity from PWC. Last year PWC was so active on social media regarding the Academy Awards it was ridiculous. I mean it was obviously ridiculous because what happened was Brian Cullinan was caught backstage on his phone tweeting. But I don’t think that was fully his fault.

Leading up to the Oscars PWC was running multiple campaigns about the Oscars. And we covered that on a podcast last year before the Oscars about how PWC was so focused on branding themselves before the Oscars that they forgot that they had a job to do.

We mentioned that on a podcast that they would were so distracted that they got the Oscars wrong. PwC even ran this campaign which I thought was a joke about their ballot briefcase. And they had this ballot briefcase campaign on instagram where you had to guess where their ballot briefcase would end up next because they were sending it all over the world. They ran the campaign under the hashtag ballotbriefcase in case you want to check it out on Instagram.

I think the concept is kind of ridiculous because there are ballots in there that need to be counted and safeguarded and meanwhile they’re sending it around the world.

And one of my points last year was a follows the Academy Awards that wouldn’t make me feel confident if I were the Academy because I want those ballots to be safeguarded.

I don’t care if PWC has a fake briefcase with nothing in it that they are pretending has ballots in. To me as a board member of the Academy Awards I would not want to see that nonsense.

I would want PWC showing that ballot briefcase every day in a vault somewhere locked up with a hashtag like nobody has access to this. I don’t want to see it was some brand new PwC associates in Mexico drinking starbucks with my briefcase.

PwC was even doing this on snapchat and all the other social media accounts. Another thing that PWC had with regards to social media last year was that they had a preshow before the Oscars.

Their heads got so big that they think they needed start their own social media channel regarding the Oscars because they thought they were celebrities. They lost focus on the job at hand and that’s kind of my point is you won’t see that this year because PwC is fearful for their brand.

You haven’t seen any fun and games in the run-up to the 2018 Oscars.

PWC is completely silent with regards to the Oscars on all other social media accounts and I expect that to continue. There won’t be much activity on the social media with regards to the Oscars and they also will not have preshow.

#5 – There will be tons of jokes involving PwC’s mixup last year

The last thing that we can expect from PWC at the Oscars is that there will be tons of jokes about them. Even though PWC is laying low on social media that doesn’t mean that all the celebrities of the Oscars have forgiven them or have forgotten about them.

I’m sure Jimmy Kimmel who’s hosting the Oscars will make fun of them as often as possible. Especially this year with the MeToo movement and other diversity movements there are so many jokes that people are going to be afraid to make. So really the one safe joke this year that everybody feels safe making will be about the accountants which is PwC. That’s one thing you can expect is for everybody to make fun of PwC at the Oscars even though PWC is trying to manage their brand and trying to lay low. They aren’t going to be able to avoid all the jokes that come their way


I hope everybody enjoys the Oscars. I hope everybody can have laugh at all the jokes about PwC. I’m actually pretty confident that PwC will get this year’s Oscars right and that they will increase their professionalism. They are going to have to do this for a couple of years before people forget about last year. To be honest I’m not sure anybody can ever forget because this mistake was the biggest Oscars mistake ever, so the best they can hope for is to lay low. There is no such thing as a great ballot counter, and there are no rewards handed out for most improved ballot counter.