Big 4 accounting firm, PwC, will be making changes to its US leadership once again. In a note sent out on Friday May 27th (picture below), Tim sent a note to the US firm that there will be changes to US leadership.

PwC has made a lot of changes recently. They recently changed their dress code and changed leadership. PwC changed their dress code to include jeans as an option. They also just promoted Tim Ryan to US chairman after Bob Moritz moved to global leadership. We knew that there would be fallout from that as Tim Ryan held some very crucial roles at the firm.

The last major change to Pricewaterhousecooper’s US leadership was in 2013. In 2013, Dana Mcilwain changed from being PwC’s advisory leader to being the Services Leader. Dana oversaw the firm’s 3 lines of service of assurance, tax and advisory.

In 2013, Tim Ryan assumed the role of being PwC’s market, strategy and stakeholders leader.

In 2013, Vin Colman assumed the firm’s role of leading PwC’s assurance practice.

PwC leadership changes

PwC Leadership Changes

Assurance Changes

The biggest change in Assurance is that Maria Castanon Moats is taking over for Vin Coleman. Maria has been a prominent figure in various Pricewaterhousecoopers marketing campaigns recently.

She took over as the firm’s Chief Diversity officer in 2011.

She also recently took over the role as the East Region Assurance Leader. This means she was in charge of assurance in New York which normally leads to the Chief Assurance role as most US leadership positions are run out of New York

Tax Changes

Roy Weathers will be taking over for Mark Mendola. Roy was previously the NY Metro office leader and he was also previously the Chief Diversity Officer. I think many people in NY will miss Roy for planning epic promotion days including the current year promotion day which will be held at MSG.

Mark Mendola will take over a managing partner role. These managing partner roles seem to be more horizontal moves to make room for new blood while pacifying old leaders as it is unclear what these people will do.

It was also rumored that Mark Mendola was in the running for the PwC US Lead Role that Tim Ryan is now leading.

Advisory Changes

Mohamed Kande will take the lead US advisory role at Pricewaterhousecoopers. Mohamed was previously with PRTM who was acquired by PwC in 2011.

Operational Changes

Caroline Cheung will take over as General Counsel

Martyn Curragh will take over for Carol Sawdye as the Chief Financial Officer for PwC.

Mike Dillon will take over for Maria Castanon Moats as the firm’s Chief Diversity Officer.

Other Notable Changes

The note finishes up saying that Mike Burwell, Tom Codd, Vin Colman, Laura Cox Kaplan, Rob Gittings, Dana Mcilwain, Diana Weiss and Carol Sawdye are rotating off the leadership team. This is interesting that all these people are rotating off the leadership team without any new roles.

One would assume that they would now move into firm leadership like Bob Moritz but that is left unclear from this note.

It also seems that Laura Cox Kaplan must not have been offered much if she is leaving the firm altogether.

In the note, Tim Ryan also notes that leaders who are not currently seated in New York will stay in their local offices which is an interesting approach. This might mean that people in offices outside of New York might be leaving because they don’t feel like they can rise to firm leadership roles. Another area that highlights this is that Tim says US leadership might also rotate between offices to see what people in offices outside of New York need addressed by leadership.

Well these are a lot of changes for PwC. Let’s see if these changes help differentiate PwC from their peers.