Deloitte 2024 Reorg (Cost Cut)

The big 4 are once again getting ready for a downturn. The downturn has already hit the consulting market and Deloitte is making moves to address. They are going through a huge internal restructuring to deal with this. This is reportedly the largest reorganization in a decade for Deloitte. There will be 2 new

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KPMG 2023 Revenue – $36 billion

For the fiscal year ended September 30, 2023, KPMG announced revenues of $36 billion. This represents growth of 5%. Headcount grew to more than 273,000 people globally. This represents a growth of about 3%. Audit grew by 7%. Tax grew by 10% and Advisory grew by 4%. That is pretty bad news for KPMG.

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Guardian Trashes the Big 4

The Guardian featured an opinion piece criticizing the big 4 this past weekend on June 3. They were mainly criticizing PwC, but they also threw some shots at the other firms. They started out with mentioning the size of the big 4 and how much revenue they make. They also mentioned how much revenue

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PwC Australia Tax Leak Scandal

PwC leaked the inner working of the Australia Tax Office over a number of years. That leak was uncovered in 2023. This leak occurred in 2023 by a PwC partner named Peter Collins. How did Peter receive this information? He was helping the Australian government design better tax laws. On its face this isn’t

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