July 2021 Big 4 News Stories

KPMG Sued For $5.6 Billion In Malaysia KPMG is being sued for an audit they performed for 1MDB. 1MDB was an investment entity where the former prime minister was involved. 1MDB stands for 1Malaysia Development Berhad. There are 44 partners from KPMG that are involved in the lawsuit. KPMG audited them from 2010 -

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Big 4 Partner Growth in 2021

I recently received a question about partner growth in the big 4. The person was specifically asking about audit, but I wanted to review all lines of service. Audit is still making plenty of new partners when we look at PwC. However, PwC is growing their Advisory practice more than their audit practice.

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KPMG Australia Raises & Biden Tax Plan

Biden Raising Taxes on "The Rich" U.S. President Biden is looking to raise the capital gains tax rates in the United States targeting the wealthy. This will increase business for the big 4 as “rich people” will look to offshore their investment activities. They will need smart accountants to do that. The big 4

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Vault Rankings 2022

The Vault Accounting Rankings are rankings of the top 50 accounting firms in the United States. This list is based on surveys from more than 10,000 accounting professionals I think there is a major issue with the survey, and I will discuss that in a moment. PwC is in first place. This makes sense

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EY Partners With Nokia For 5G Services

Ey issued a press release out of the UK and specifically from London. EY and Nokia have formed a strategic alliance that is being rolled out to other EY member firms to help enterprises and communication service providers accelerate their digital and business transformation journey and unleash the potential of private wireless and 5g

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Deloitte Partners With UIPath On New Oracle Services

Deloitte has decided to form a partnership with UIpath to come up with solutions for their clients Deloitte recently announced it is teaming with UiPath to develop intelligent automation solutions around the Oracle Cloud ERP platform to power digital transformation for the next generation workforce. The new solutions, built by Deloitte and certified by

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Deloitte Launches Government AI Service

Deloitte's government and public services practice announced the new Deloitte Artificial Intelligence Institute for Government (DAIIG). Institute leaders outlined a set of commitments and actions to advance applied AI in the public sector by building a cross-sector community for research and shared expertise, and mentoring and growing the talent of the future. "As evidenced

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