Understanding The Need To Regulate Cryptocurrencies

Understanding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is important for accountants as they will soon have to audit blockchains and audit companies that deal in cryptocurrencies. In today’s post, we are going to be covering the need to regulate cryptocurrencies to provide further understanding around blockchain and blockchain products. In the financial markets, anything unregulated and

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Meditating at the Big 4 – Humor

In this week's comic, we are showing what meditation means at the big 4. Big 4 accountants don't have time to practice self care and learn about things like meditation. The closest thing that we have is just resting our heads on our desk in frustration or exhaustion. Sometimes are heads come to this

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Big 4 Comic Strip

We wanted to get a little humor in and a little art in as well. Forgive our crude drawing for today. We will get progressively better, but this is our first sketch on a tablet. Today's comic strip tries to address one of the common problems of working at the big 4 firms. That

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