KPMG To Be Carbon Neutral by 2030

KPMG recently announced in a press release that they want to be carbon neutral by 2030. This comes on the heels of us discussing EY’s global metrics and adherence to ESG principles. This is just another move by the big 4 accounting firms to adopt global standards in order to be able to do

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KPMG Partners With Coinmetrics

KPMG Partners with CoinMetrics KPMG has partnered with a firm called coinmetrics. The partnership will focus on Atlas and Farum from coinmetrics. It will also focus on Chain Fusion from KPMG. The purpose of the partnership is to promote institutional adoption of crypto which means they want larger organizations to adopt crypto solutions. That’s

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PwC To Help Hire 10,000 Black Interns

After the tragic death of George Floyd there were coordinated protests around the world even though the event happened in the United States. This pushed a move for diversity and other social justice movements around the world. The big 4 have already been on a push for more diversity even though they don’t seem

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Deloitte Closes UK Offices Permanently

Deloitte Plans to close four locations in the UK permanently. Deloitte plans to shut down their gatwick, liverpool, nottingham and southampton locations. These are 4 offices out of 50 in the UK for Deloitte. The decision is said to impact about 500 employees. Microsoft is also letting their employees work from home. They have

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BDO US Revenue Results 2020

BDO recently released their 2020 results for their US firm. They announced $1.8 billion in revenue for the year ending April 30, 2020. This obviously does not include most of the problems related to coronavirus. This revenue number represents an increase of 11.3% year over year. This is the 8th consecutive year of growth

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EY Tech MBA By Hult Business School

EY as part of the year end financial review mentioned a business school that they have. They have a Tech MBA that they are offering all their employees. Ey says that it is open to their 300,000 employees in over 150 countries. This new MBA will allow employees to learn about technology, leadership and

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