New ESG Standards For Accounting

Leaders of the big 4 accounting firms pwc, deloitte, ey and KPMG announced the new ESG (Environmental, social and governance) criteria. These ESG criteria will measure a company’s progress on things like greenhouse gases and diversity in the boardroom. They took these ESG standards from the UN. The UN first mentioned them in 2006.

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Are The Big 4 Still Hiring in 2020?

Is EY Still Hiring? EY is hiring. They said they hired 76,000 people in 2020 from almost 2 million applicants They said they did most of their hiring virutally because of covid 19. In 2019 they had 284,018 employees. In 2020 they grew to 298,965 people. This means they grew by 14,947 15,000 internships

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Big 4 Revenue 2020

Deloitte $47.6 billion PwC $43.0 billion EY $37.2 billion Pwc had growth of only 1.4% EY had growth of 4.1 Deloitte had growth of 5.5 What did we learn? This was actually good news. The big 4 accounting firms all did well considering covid 19. However what this shows is that many companies aren’t

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Deloitte Revenue 2020

Deloitte earned $47.6 billion in 2020 despite a bad economy. This is up from $46.2 billion in 2019. PwC only got up to 43 billion in the current year and EY is at $37 billion. Deloitte is pulling pretty far ahead here especially in a tough year. Deloitte breaks out there revenue into many

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EY Revenue 2020

Ey released their 2020 revenue numbers on September 10, 2020. They reported revenues of 37.2 billion across the world. In 2019, they reported revenues of 36.4 billion. This means that revenues grew by only 800 million in 2020. That represents about 4% growth for EY. I’m sure they are pretty disappointed in this number,

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Planning Your Big 4 Career

It is so important to plan your life and your career. We recently got a comment on our youtube channel from someone who said their internship is very easy and everyone is very friendly. That’s good news but that is not normal in the big 4. Trust me. If you feel very safe and

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