EY & PwC COVID 19 Services

The other day we put up a podcast detailing Deloitte and KPMG’s covid 19 response service offerings. Those were mainly focused on reopening your business and office. From what I can tell EY is providing a platform for their clients. This is called enterprise resilience. This is an online tool. They have nine areas

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PwC Canada Cuts Pay 20%

According to a tip we received, PwC is going to tell employees in their tax practice to take an 20% pay decrease along with an 20% reduction in work. This will most likely take place across the Canadian firm, but we have not yet confirmed that. However, our tipster said that the 20% reduction

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KPMG Sued Over Carillion Audit

KPMG is being sued over their audit of Carillion. This seems to be the accounting scandal that won’t die. It seems like this accounting scandal has been going on for forever. KPMG signed off on Carillion’s financials in 2017. Five months later Carillion went out of business. The government agency in charge of reviewing

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Deloitte Partners With UiPath For Document Processing

Deloitte and UiPath have collaborated to build an intelligent document system. UiPath will be working with Deloitte Intelligent Document Processing to build a solution for Deloitte’s clients. The document processing system captures documents in order for their data to be processed. It uses technology like optical character recognition, human-in-the-loop, machine learning and UiPath’s RPA

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