Accounting summer internships

Ever wonder what a summer accounting internship at one of the big four firms is like. Well we ventured to try to recreate what we think it would be like in the two videos below. In the two videos below you can see what it’s like to work at one of the top accountancy firms. 

The first video shows what you can expect from Day 1 all the way up until you leave training. This is a key time period for most interns because this is their first taste of what it might be like to have a career at one of the largest accounting firms. 

Usually, the big 4 pump you up and get you all motivated and tell you how great you are. You think the fun will never stop, but then you have to go to the office. 

The national training for interns is usually pretty light too. You won’t be going into extremely technical training just because the work that you typically do on an internship is not that intense. Will then fun stop once you go back to your home office? That’s what we try to address in the next video.

In this video we try to show what you can expect once you get back to the office. We showed how many internships are filled with a lot of free time. There are many people that just don’t want to delegate to interns. This isn’t because they dislike interns necessarilly, but they just don’t want to have to explain the basics to someone. 

As an intern, you likely have limited expertise. If someone wants to delegate something to you they have to teach you everything from what software to use to how to input information in the software. Oftentimes many people use that software too, so they don’t want you fiddling around in that software. 

There are also internships where people stay busy the whole time because of busy season. Even then, the interns are usually tasked with either data entry or some other mundane administrative task. 

This is pretty contradictory to how the big 4 just pumped you up at national trianing, but you need to expect that. We also show how a lot of big 4 firms provide offers to all the interns no matter if they warrant an offer. The big four is all about billable hours. The more people the hire, the more money they make. Therefore they might even hire the bad interns.

The video finally ends with interns heading off to Disney. Many of the internships these days have some grand finale like this because the firms want to put a lasting impression in your mind before you leave them. That way it is harder for you to turn down the offer.