PwC is building a contact tracing app for COVID 19. This app will be used throughout PwC’s offices as the employees return to the office.

PwC Contact Tracing

The app will track employee’s location and alert human resources to who is most likely to contract to COVID 19 if there was an employee who comes down with the coronavirus.

Other companies are also comping up with solutions. Apple and Google are also partnering to create a contact tracing solution.

PwC plans to sell this app to their clients as well.

PwC says that their app will have robust privacy solutions so that only employers can access the data that the app collects. Privacy is a concern since companies like Facebook and Google routinely exploit people’s private data.

The app works by using Bluetooth signals. It tracks bluetooth signals of nearby phones. It figures out how close the other phones are and how long they were close together. Employees at a company will be alerted if they came in contact with someone infected with COVID 19.

This is a unique solution from PwC and shows that they are entering the technology market more proactively. The big four will have to come up with creative solutions during this downturn in the economy to keep their revenues up.

PwC can show how well this works by first using it internally, and then they can market that to their clients. They are currently using this in their Shanghai office.