PwC finally released their 2021 revenues.

PwC grew their revenue from $43 billion to $45 billion. This represents growth of about 5%. This is in line with the same growth as Deloitte.

Ey had 7.3% growth.

Deloitte had $50 billion in revenue.

EY had $40 billion in revenue so PwC is smack in the middle.

No growth in the Americas which is pretty shocking

  • Audit grew by 1.2% – barely any growth but they do see growth in ESG advisory services.
  • Advisory grew 3.1%
  • Tax grew 1.7%

PwC hired 90,273 new people. They had a 295,000 total headcount

Deloitte hired 83,730 – Deloitte has 345,374

Other Notable Items

PwC services 84% of the global fortune 500.

PwC upskilled 2.7 million of their staff.

PwC set a goal to achieve net zero for climate change by 2030.

Gender pay gap information was published for the first time.