PwC promoted 232 individuals to partner in 2020 in the US and Mexico. I wanted to congratulate all those people that made partner, but I also wanted to look more into the data. There is a lot that we can learn from these promotions. First we can compare these promotions to partner to prior years, and then we can take a look at the lines of service to see how they compare.

IFS had two people that made partner

Tax had 59 people that made partner

Audit had 80 people that made partner

And Advisory had 91 people that made partner

How does this compare to prior years?

PwC promoted 249 people to partner in 2019

In that year IFS had 6 partners, Tax had 78 partners, Audit had 79 partners and Advisory had 86 partners.

PwC promoted 233 people to partner in 2018.

In that year IFS had 1 partner, tax had 80, audit had 84 and advisory had 68.

PwC promoted 212 people to partner in 2017.

If you analyze the increase in number of partners promoted year over year, you can estimate the percentage increase in revenue. PwC decreased the number of partners promoted by 17 partners. Will this be true for this year? If it is, then we will see a decrease in revenue for PwC which is to be expected because of COVID 19. Revenues will most likely decrease by 7 to 10%.