PwC has decided to invest $2.4 billion into employee benefits.

The new program that PwC is rolling out as part of this investment is called My+.

I don’t know where PwC comes up with all these weird acronyms, but the program sounds pretty cool.

It allows employees to work from anywhere.

You can work from home, hybrid or be a digital nomad.

PwC says that they are implementing this program because they can’t compete on compensation and benefits alone. It is becoming to hard to attract top talent.

I would say it’s going to be hard to grow top talent if you let them do whatever they want.

Rebranding existing policies

A lot of what PwC is doing with My+ is just rebranding current policies.

As part of this program PwC announced that they will allow employees to work from anywhere. They had previously announced that after the pandemic.

Additionally PwC announced that they will have two weeks for a firmwide shutdown. One in July and one in December. PwC already had these firmwide shutdowns in the past.

The 20% paid leave was also historical sabbatical benefit that PwC had for years.

New Policies

I think the new policies are that people can change their working schedule whenever they want. I’m a bit skeptical of this policy though. I think you will most likely take a pay cut if you take advantage of this program.

Parental leave – PwC has announced that they will be expanding parental leave from 8 weeks to 12 weeks.