The slap heard around the world.

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars and it is all anyone can talk about.

The people that are the happiest about this??? PwC!!!

As you might remember PwC screwed up the Oscars five years ago when they provided the wrong envelope for best picture. The Academy was even considering firing them for a bit.

Lucky for PwC, they had a good enough relationship with the Academy to keep the engagement. Luckily the two partners responsible for the fiasco are no longer holding the briefcases with the envelopes.

PwC can rest easy for the next few years as people debate if someone is going to be slapped at the next Oscars. They also debate other things like whether there should be beefed up security or whether Chris Rock will host again.

PwC will be low on the list of hot topics to consider in future  Oscar shows.