Australia seems to be having tough times. Another branch of the big 4 has decided to reduce pay in Australia.

pwc pay cut

They will be reducing pay by up to 40% for people that are underutilized.

This means people who do not meet the firm’s utilization metric. I’m sure during this time period that is going to be the majority of employees unfortunately.

Partners in Australia will also likely have their pay cut by 25%.

PwC’s legal group is said to be stopping all promotions and raises for the current year. I’m sure this is true around the world for PwC and the other firms as well.

PwC Uk careers said that they virtually onboarded 180 new graduate joiners on Monday March 30th so that is good news. This is why I have been recommending people to accept offers and get started as soon as possible. You want to start your job as soon as possible before the firms slow down the hiring and onboarding processes.

EY Uk careers page is pretty active with job roles, but they have not spoke about people who are worried about their offers.

Most of the other big 4 careers twitter pages are quiet during this COVID-19 process.