What to Expect from the Prometric CPA Test Center

Prometric CPA

Prometric CPA overview

Have you received you NTS (notice to schedule) from NASBA and are ready to schedule you CPA test with Prometrics cpa? Well head over to their CPA prometric website here.

On the website they have the prometric seat availability tool  which allows you to quickly check for appointment availability.

Their website allows you to schedule your test, locate a test center, reschedule/cancel your test and finally it allows you to confirm your test as well.

What is Prometric exam?

Prometric helps various professions and companies develop and administer tests. They are a trusted company in the test administering industry.The CPA exam is not the only test they administer. They administer hundreds of tests across various professions and industries.
What should you expect on testing day



Here is a list of what you should expect on testing day

1. Make sure you allow enough time to get to the testing center and to sign in. Many testing centers are in corporate offices or corporate parks so there is a sign in procedure that you have to go through even before you get into the testing center.

2. When you get into the Prometric testing area you will be greeted by a Prometric Testing Center Administrator.

3. You must present a valid form of ID that is acceptable to both the testing sponsor organization and the country in which the exam is being delivered. In the US, this usually consists of something like a driver’s license or passport.

4. The TCA may also provide you with any materials required for your test, such as scrap paper and a pencil or a dry erase board and pen. Next, the TCA will assign you a locker and provide you with a locker key. All of your personal belongings need to be placed in your temporary Prometric locker during your time in the test center. You will be permitted to keep your ID and your locker key with you at all times. Don’t be pushy during this time period. I have found that each Prometric testing center’s staff have different demeanors. Some are very nice and others are very strict and rigid. Manage your expectations here and be prepared for differing levels of service.

5. You might be required for additional sign-in procedures such as a fingerprint scan.

6. You might be asked to show that you have nothing in your pockets and additional screening procedures to make sure that no cheating will occur.

7. Any additional materials that are needed for the test will be provided for you.

8. If you have any questions about bathroom breaks or anything of that nature, make sure to ask before you head into the test.

9. You will take the test.

10. After you finish, you will leave the testing area and gather your belongings and sign out as necessary.
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