Deloitte has recently entered into a number of partnerships and has acquired interesting companies. We are going to be covering some of those in this article.

Deloitte has acquired a marketing consultancy in India. They acquired Spatial Access which is a Mumbai-based media audit & advisory business.

They were founded in 2003 as an audit and advisory firm specializing in advertising and marketing. It helps clients assess the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. They have served over 120 clients in India.

Deloitte partners with Geotab in Canada and Chile

Deloitte Canada and Chile have partnered with Geotab that focuses on GPS fleet tracking also known as telematics. Telematics technology monitors vehicle fleets via GPS. It leverages IOT, machine learning, and analytics to optimize fleets by reducing fuel consumption, enhancing driver saftey and ensuring regulatory compliance.

It allows fleets to understand how to make their fleets more efficient and even lets them know when they are due for maintenance.

Under this strategic alliance, Deloitte will offer Geotab’s products as well as consulting and integration services. Geotab is the #1 telematics company in Canada according to ABI research.

Blancco Technology Partnership

Deloitte will also be partnering with a firm named Blancco Technology Group in India. Blancco Technology Group is the industry leader in data erasure. Data erasure products protect enterprises from unauthorized data access. Firms need this technology for cloud migrations, device decommissioning, active environments, and archived data. Cloud migration is when you move servers. At that time firms must sanitize former storage drives. As far as device decommissioning, sensitive data must be erased from devices that are no longer used. Sometimes clients want their data erased while a project is ongoing and while devices are still in use. This is the active environment solution. As far as the archived data product offering, data must be erased at the end of retention periods.

Accounting firms used to have to shred old files or sensitive files when they were no longer used. Now that all files are electronic, many companies will need data erasure technology so this is a good partnership.

Deloitte will be selling Blancco Group’s technology as part of a consulting offering.

What do all of these partnerships mean. It means that accounting firms are offering a lot more than accounting services now. As a potential employee of a big 4 accounting firm, it is important to learn about these offerings as they will most likely want you to try to sell it to your clients. You can also use this information to find areas of the big 4 accounting firms that might you be interested in.