Meditating at the big 4 accounting firms

In this week’s comic, we are showing what meditation means at the big 4. Big 4 accountants don’t have time to practice self care and learn about things like meditation. The closest thing that we have is just resting our heads on our desk in frustration or exhaustion.

Sometimes are heads come to this position after accelerating quickly and then slamming.

It can also signal total defeat. You’ve tried every method to work with somebody and sometimes you just need to put your head down to admit defeat.

It can also signal frustration. You slam your head on the desk to symbolize that you are done with the person that you are working with. Sometimes that person sits close to you and can hear your head coming to a halt on your desk as you begin your big 4 meditation practice.

Another form of big 4 meditation is falling asleep with your head on your desk in this manner. You can’t go home because people will call you weak or an underperfomer. If you fall asleep in this position, you do not admit weakness. Instead people will be impressed that you can actually fall asleep in the office.

Feel free to assume this position while working at the big 4. People are used to it and will assume that you are in some type of deep though.