KPMG recently released their financial results around the globe. In most jurisdictions, they do not release partner pay. However in the UK, they do release this information.

From this information we can learn how much their partners make.

KPMG released that they made £2.96 billion in 2023. In Uk terms they made £364 million in profit before tax.

The average KPMG partner distribution which is basically partner salary was £786,000.

The KPMG website noted that this broke down into £746,000 distribution and the remaining £40,000 going to the partner’s capital account.

As of 2023, KPMG UK had 833 partners – both equity and salary.

This means that partners make about 5% of the total employee base at KPMG.

If you multiply the average compensation for partners times the number of partners you get about £694 million total partner compensation. That represents 23.5% of the revenue earned for the year.

Partners at KPMG earned £757,000 in 2022 £688,000 in 2021.

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