News has come out from Guardian that KPMG partner pay was cut 11% in the UK.

The pay was cut for 582 KPMG partners in the UK. They now received an average of £572,000 pounds. They earned £640k in 2019.

Bill Michael who is the UK chairman made £1.7 million. His pay dropped 14%.

KPMG pay dropped 11%. EY dropped 1.8%. PwC dropped 10%. Deloitte dropped 17%.

Deloitte earned the most pay with £713,000 per year. The second highest is £685,000. The third highest was £667,000. KPMG is in last place with £572,000.

KPMG UK has 15,776 employees as of October 2020. KPMG is now looking for 900 graduates in the UK along with 950 experienced hires.