As usual KPMG is the last of the big 4 accounting firms to report their financial results. They reported their FY22 results in December 2022.

They achieved $35 billion in revenues in 2022. Their fiscal year ended September 30, 2022.

The actuals for the year were $34.64 billion which was rounded up to $35 billion. In 2021, they achieved revenues of $32.13 billion. This represents growth of 14%.

How did KPMG achieve their revenue growth in 2022?

They had:

  • 8% growth in Audit
  • 10% growth in tax and legal
  • 19% growth in advisory

Once again advisory is the main contributor for a big 4 to their bottom line.

KPMG Employee Growth 

The big 4 typically release their employee numbers as part of their financial releases. KPMG noted that they had 12.4% increase in employee headcount in 2022. This netted them 29,000 new professionals according to the press release.

According to their ‘about us’ page on their website they employ 265,000 partners and other people worldwide.

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