Ey released their 2020 revenue numbers on September 10, 2020. They reported revenues of 37.2 billion across the world. In 2019, they reported revenues of 36.4 billion. This means that revenues grew by only 800 million in 2020. That represents about 4% growth for EY. I’m sure they are pretty disappointed in this number, but it is still a good number with COVID 19 going on.

Their growth is better than PwC’s growth in 2020. PwC had just 1.4% growth with their results.

Geographic region

EY’s most successful region was the Asia-Pacific region with 8.5% growth. We know that the Asia-Pacific region did well because EY Australia had amazing results with 12% growth.

The second best region was the Americas with 8.0% growth.

The EMEIA region was last with 7.1% I’m not sure why EY doesn’t break out their Europe results, but their European results are going to be interesting to follow in the future with all the regulation going on in the UK.

The greatest amount of revenue still comes from the Americas though.

The Americas represents 17.2 billion of total revenue.


One of the most important things that many people are interested in is what did EY have to say about jobs. Well we can find this out by looking at the people section of their results.

Ey’s employees grew from 284,018 to 298,965. This represents an increase of 5.3%. The largest increase was in Transaction advisory services with 7.2%. They also mentioned how they stayed committed to interns in FY 20. This does not say how many interns they will have in the future. They did say they had 15,000 interns this year.

Other Items of Note

EY mentioned that their Digital Audit tool has analyzed over a trillion lines of client data. This is a key metric for people to use in their EY interviews.

Advisory started a new technology consulting service in case you are interested in technology consulting.

EY advised on 6 of the top 10 largest deals globally in 2020 from their transaction advisory services group.