The other day we put up a podcast detailing Deloitte and KPMG’s covid 19 response service offerings. Those were mainly focused on reopening your business and office.

From what I can tell EY is providing a platform for their clients. This is called enterprise resilience. This is an online tool. They have nine areas of focus in their resilience tool.

1. Employee health and well being
2. Talent and workforce
3. Supply chain and global trade
4. Customer and brand
5. Financial and investor
6. Risk
7. Government and public policy
8. Technology and information security
9. Insurance and legal disputes

EY says that the tool is an easy and pragmatic way to understand the resilience of your enterprise. They say that it will help you more clearly prioritize your actions as they relate to COVID 19.

They recommend that clients start their assessment by focusing on people related issues first.

Resilience is one of those words that is hard to define but sounds good from a marketing perspective. I think the first sign of your resilience is whether or not you can afford the EY resilience tool.

You can access more information about this on a couple pages of EY’s website which I will include links to.

On one of those pages they have a section for employee health and wellbeing. I guess this is the part of the framework that would be similar to Deloitte and KPMG’s reopening services. However, one key component missing from EY’s recommendations is contact tracing.

Some of these seem a little repetitive too. It doesn’t seem like there is much difference between talent and workforce and employee health and well being. Insurance and legal disputes also seems somewhat similar to risk and government and public policy sections. I think all of those could be lumped into risk.

In each of their nine steps they tell clients what they can do now, next and beyond.

On their overall COVID 19 webpage they also have links for people for their traditional services such as audit and tax in case people are just worried about the regular accounting issues stemming from COVID 19 since that is the type of information people would expect from an accounting firm.

PwC Reopening Services

As far as PwC goes, I covered in a previous podcast how PwC is building a contact tracing app. They are already deploying that in some of their offices in China and Spain. They also have a framework under their crisis solutions. I didn’t know that PwC had crisis solutions but apparently they do now.

They have a six key areas of focus for covid 19 response

1. Crisis management and response – I think this is the catch all category for anything not addressed below
2. Workforce – this means protecting your people and communicating effectively
3. Operations and supply chain
4. Finance and liquidity
5. Tax trade and regulatory
6. Strategy and brand