Ey issued a press release out of the UK and specifically from London.

EY and Nokia have formed a strategic alliance that is being rolled out to other EY member firms to help enterprises and communication service providers accelerate their digital and business transformation journey and unleash the potential of private wireless and 5g network capabilities.

They see this helping with the increase in usage of Internet of thing devices that need wireless connectivity.

The alliance will focus on 3 things

1. Fueling digital transformation for manufacturing, energy and operations across industries, including advanced connectivity for enterprises. The alliance will also address the digital transformation taking place across governments and cities.
2. Building cybersecurity and digital trust by protecting telcos’, service providers’ and enterprise clients’ core operations, and managing security challenges brought by the increasing prevalence of IoT devices and IT/OT convergence through managed security services and solutions.
3. The alliance will also help accelerate digital transformation for communication service providers across their entire life cycle, driving growth and more efficient operations. This means capturing and monetizing 5G business opportunities, and digitalizing CSP’s complete business operations to achieve lower-cost-to-serve and enhanced customer experience.

Greg Cudahy had a few statements in the press release. He is EY’s Global Technology, Media & Entertainment and Telecoms leader. Greg has a background in Telco consulting, so this services is focused on consulting to Telcos.

This technology will be showcased at EY’s nottingham spirk innovation hub which is due to open sometime this spring. This hub is focused on technologies that will help manufacturing companies be more efficient and utilize technologies.

KPMG settles pay discrimination lawsuit in NYC

KPMG recently settle their pay discrimination lawsuit in NyC. As you might remember, KPMG was facing a lawsuit in New York about pay discrimination against women. This case was an old case that took years to resolve.

It has been resolved for about $10 million. Each claimant in the case will get about $14,000.

Solarwinds hires KPMG

Solarwinds disclosed that the russian hack of their Orion technology cost them $18 million at least. They spent this money on consulting and legal costs. They expect to incur more expenses in the future. You might remember that Russian malware was used to infiltrate Solarwinds. Solarwinds provides technology services to many companies and governemnt institutions in the United States and around the world.

How does this relate to the big 4 accounting firms? Well KPMG has been hired to investigate the attack along with Crowdstrike.

PwC is the auditor of Solarwinds. Solarwinds spends about $2 million a year on their audit.