According to a website called opendemocracy, Deloitte might be getting a huge contract in the UK. In the UK, they are trying to test all the citizens for COVID 19.

deloitte wins covid 19 work

deloitte wins covid 19 work

If you check other websites like the Independent, you will see that the secretary of health in the UK has said that he wants to test the whole population of the UK.

The original testing plan was put together by consulting firm McKinsey. However the deployment of the testing would be handled by Deloitte or Deloitte would handle at least half of the testing.

It would make sense to hire a firm like Deloitte to assist because they have so many employees.

Deloitte COVID 19 Work in Japan

Deloitte has also won work in Japan for helping distribute payouts to Japanese citizens. The work there is said to be about $400 million. Deloitte won the contract after the previous organization messed up the payouts.

The Japanese coronavirus relief payment was set to provide about $1,000 to each Japanese citizen. In total the bailout was about $240 billion. This is an astonishing win for Deloitte.

If Deloitte performs well on both of these engagements, there is potential for them to win billions in pandemic work.