Deloitte earned $47.6 billion in 2020 despite a bad economy. This is up from $46.2 billion in 2019.

PwC only got up to 43 billion in the current year and EY is at $37 billion. Deloitte is pulling pretty far ahead here especially in a tough year.

Deloitte breaks out there revenue into many practices.

Consulting – $19.8 billion
Audit – $9.9 billion
Tax & legal – $8.7 billion
Risk Advisory – $5.6 billion
Financial advisory – $3.8 billion

They also breakout their revenue by industry

Financial services – $12.7 billion
Consumer – $10.6 billion
Government & public services – $6.8 billion
Technology, media & telecom – $5.33 billion
Life sciences & healthcare – $4.3 billion
Energy, resources and industrials – $7.9 billion

Revenues by Region

$25.3 billion in Americas
$15.0 billion in EMEA
$7.5 billion in Asia Pacific.

How many employees did Deloitte have as of this report. Deloitte now has 334,800 employees. Wow that’s amazing right. Yes except they let tons of people go all over the globe. I’m pretty sure that employee number is pre layoff. I mean Deloitte laid off about 6,000 people between the US and Australia alone.

Deloitte said they hired 88,820 employees during the year. You can see in this number that they froze new hires. If they didn’t freeze new hires, then the new hire number would likely be in the 100’s of thousands.