Deloitte has decided to form a partnership with UIpath to come up with solutions for their clients

Deloitte recently announced it is teaming with UiPath to develop intelligent automation solutions around the Oracle Cloud ERP platform to power digital transformation for the next generation workforce. The new solutions, built by Deloitte and certified by UiPath, will enhance enterprise modernization efforts by optimizing processes around Oracle Cloud ERP to increase organizational efficiency, accuracy, productivity and standardization.

“We believe the ERP transformation journey and the exploration of intelligent automation solutions should be complementary of one another, not siloed,” said Anthony Abbattista, principal, UiPath Alliance leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “With the development of these new solutions, we can bring these two critical pieces of modernization together as a core strategy to drive value for our clients that use Oracle and UiPath.”

According to a recent IDG study, enterprise organizations indicated improving scalability/agility, freeing up IT staff and lowering operating costs were their top-three goals for ERP modernization. Deloitte’s intelligent automation solutions for Oracle Cloud ERP environments address those challenges by utilizing a persona-based approach to automate and augment repetitive human actions, saving time and cost for both functional and IT organizations.

“Leading organizations are not simply looking to migrate to a cloud platform — they are looking to deliver new and compelling levels of performance across the enterprise,” said John Steele, principal and U.S. Oracle offering leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “These intelligent automation solutions orchestrate the transformation journey, helping organizations achieve their digital ambitions. Empowering teams to capture value, visualize industry leading processes, and activate the journey through the integrated project delivery platform and collection of project assets with digital solutions and enablers powered by UiPath.”

The new solutions from Deloitte and UiPath for Oracle Cloud ERP applications focus on automating deployment and maintenance of Oracle cloud applications, as well as automating the delivery of business processes built on the Oracle Cloud ERP platform and digital workforce components built on UiPath. These solutions help clients with a range of implementation-related activities on their Oracle transformation journeys, including data integration and loading, database migrations, comprehensive testing activities, post-load data validations and other “lift and shift” activities. The Business Process Automation solutions focus on augmenting the human workforce in the delivery of ongoing manual business processes, enabling humans and machines to work together to optimize outcomes around a range of functional areas, including finance and supply chain. The solutions are powered by UiPath’s state-of-the-art intelligent automation platform that manages the execution of attended and unattended automations across a broad application and system landscape.

“The deep domain knowledge and extensive capabilities of Deloitte’s Oracle practice is a perfect match to enable customers to potentially realize value from the accelerators, activity packs and integrations we have built,” said Dhruv Asher, senior vice president, Technology Alliances, UiPath.  “Deloitte and UiPath collaborated on ensuring that the quality bar and security and governance standard of what customers expect from a UiPath certified solution was met. We look forward to customers deploying these solutions in their automation journey to help them scale faster.”

Each solution developed by Deloitte receives a UiPath certification validating that they follow UiPath best practices and governance. Together, these new solutions can enhance and power an organization’s ERP Cloud modernization and transformation efforts while redefining how humans and machines can work together to create smarter, stronger and greater overall value.