Deloitte and UiPath have collaborated to build an intelligent document system.

UiPath will be working with Deloitte Intelligent Document Processing to build a solution for Deloitte’s clients.

The document processing system captures documents in order for their data to be processed.

It uses technology like optical character recognition, human-in-the-loop, machine learning and UiPath’s RPA technology.

I’ve previously mentioned on this blog the importance of learning technology for your future success. I’ve also mentioned 3 technologies that are key to the future at the accounting firms. One of those technologies was UiPath. UiPath is an RPA solution that is very common in the big four accounting firms.

It is an RPA solution that is ready to go out of the box. You just have to have some programming knowledge in order to get it to do more complex things, but it is a pretty unique solution. I’m sure that Deloitte will be partnering with UiPath on many more solutions and UiPath is working with all accounting firms at this point.

Invoice processing is a big problem for many companies especially ones that have a lot of invoices. DHL is a client that Deloitte is helping deal with invoices. Previously companies like DHL have had to employ a lot of people to process these invoices. With automated technology like Deloitte’s Intelligent Document Processing, DHL can use less people for mundane tasks like invoice processing.