Deloitte has made tons of acquisitions in the past year and a great website has compiled all of them in the IT service provider market. The website is

Channel E2E ranks Deloitte in the top 250 cloud service providers and the top 250 cybersecurity providers.

The acquisitions by Deloitte in 2020 are as follows. You can check out their site here for a full list of acquisitions by Deloitte in this area.

1. The latest acquisition is of Hashedin. Deloitte acquired HashedIn in December of 2020. Hashedin is a SaaS software development firm for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Confluent, Salesforce & RedisLabs cloud deployments.
2. Deloitte acquired Keytree in August of 2020. They are an SAP cloud partner and managed service provider.
3. Deloitte acquired DNM in June 2020 an Irish cloud consultancy & managed service provider for AWS migrations.
4. Deloitte acquired Zimbani in March 2020 for information security services.
5. Deloitte acquired SecurePath in January 2020, a Symantec and FireEye partner in Malaysia.

Deloitte Legal To Teach Lawyers about Tech

In an article by they state that Deloitte is going to be training lawyers about cloud computing, natural language programming and cryptography. They are going to be doing this for their lawyers in Spain.

The courses will include material from Harvard university.

As you can see from the two news stories about that Deloitte is investing heavily in technology. They are investing so much that they are even teaching lawyers about it. Many lawyers become lawyers from liberal arts. They aren’t big tech junkies, so they aren’t good at using technological soultions to do their work.
The big 4 have already embraced technology in all other lines of service so it makes sense for Deloitte to teach technological solutions to their legal practice line of service.