Deloitte Plans to close four locations in the UK permanently.

Deloitte plans to shut down their gatwick, liverpool, nottingham and southampton locations.

These are 4 offices out of 50 in the UK for Deloitte. The decision is said to impact about 500 employees.

Microsoft is also letting their employees work from home. They have moved to a hybrid working arrangement which is what many other companies are doing too.

I’m sure this is a tough decision for Deloitte because they are also hurting their clients with this move. Many of these large real estate companies are clients of Deloitte. By choosing to minimize their real estate portfolio, Deloitte is definitely hurting some of those clients. I’m sure the decision was strategic though. These are probably leases with smaller clients.

There are obviously tons of other companies that are considering similar measures today as the coronavirus pandemic seems never ending.

I’m sure this is only the first of more office closures for the big 4 and other large firms.

The big 4 might also try to reduce salaries as a result since some of the big 4 salary was meant to cover cost of living. Cost of living will go down if people don’t have to commute on a daily basis. People should still fight for the same pay though since you will have to invest in your own workspace and tools.

It is also going to be harder to be productive at home and shut off work.

Working from home at the big 4 is pretty hard. Doing your own work isn’t necessarilly hard but getting hold of higher ups is hard. Big 4 partners and senior employees have worked from home for a long time now since it easy to work from home in the service industry. However, many partners don’t log on to work. They just monitor their mobile devices. It was already hard to get hold of partners when they split their time from home and the office. Now that partners are full time at home. I’m sure it will only be worse.