EY Revenue 2017

Ernst and Young reported their 2017 revenues on September 5 2017 and the news was released straight out of their headquarters in London. They recorded their seventh consecutive year of revenue growth. Their revenues for 2017 were 31.4 billion. Wow that is huge number. This represents 7.8% growth from their revenues in 2016. Their

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Ernst & Young’s New Casual Dress Code 2017

EY Canada is changing their dress code to be more like PwC’s new casual dress code. The promotion is called “jeans, the everyday option.” This is in light of other companies including PwC that are making the workplace more casual in order to appease millennials and to recruit Gen Z. What are your

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EY and KPMG partner with Microsoft on New Data & Analytics solutions

The big 4 accounting firms are beginning to deepen their relationships with Microsoft as Microsoft comes up with more unique data & analytics platforms. Additionally, the big four are more interested in these partnerships as their clients become more interested in data & analytics solutions.  The two most recent partnerships with Microsoft occurred between

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Who Audits Apple?

Which accounting firm audits apple? Did you know that Apple is the largest company in the world. You probably did. That is probably one of the reasons you are trying to figure out who their auditor is. Maybe you are an accounting student looking to get on the account and you want to join

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Vault Accounting Rankings 2017

The new vault accounting rankings came out in April 2017. Strangely enough this rankings are the 2018 vault accounting rankings. Vault.com has numerous accounting rankings, but the most well-known one is the vault accounting 50 ranking. Vault arrives at the accounting 50 ranking by utilizing a weighted formula that combines quality-of-life rankings such as culture, satisfaction, work-life

EY Auditor Charged With Insider Trading

The SEC settled charges with a junior auditor at Ernst and Young. They announced this action on March 14, 2017. The auditor in question is named Nima Hedayati and he worked at Ernst & Young. He ended up paying a fine of more than $87,000 to settle charges with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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