COVID 19 provides a lot of problems for the accounting firms. They have had to cut back pay and in some cases had to lay people off. However, businesses and governments need help with issues as a result of the coronavirus. Below is a listing of the work that the accounting firms have won.


Deloitte Australia was appointed administrator of Virgin Airlines in Australia. This is equivalent to bankruptcy. Deloitte is in charge of helping Virgin Airlines sell its Australia division.

Deloitte Digital won work in Australia developing a chatbot for overwhelmed pension funds.

Deloitte will be helping Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services. They will be making it easier for people to apply for food stamps. This is $36.4 million in work for Deloitte.


PwC will assist the UK government to help bail out Loganair.


I recently saw an ad on CNBC for EY. EY has partnered with CNBC to provide corporations and business owners with information about COVID 19 and how it impacts their companies. See the following link for their website.

EY is partnering with SAP and Qualtrics in assisting governments in dealing with COVID 19. These solutions are available in more than 90 countries. This will help healthcare companies and professionals track and respond to the COVID 19 crisis.


KPMG won work in UK assisting with building of emergency hospital. They will be helping the NHS Nightingale hospitals.

KPMG is also helping the UK government with unemployment claims. They are assisting the UK Department of Work.

KPMG also won work reviewing PPP (payroll protection program) applications in the U.S. They requested that staff work around the clock as claims must be reviewed and funded in 10 days.