Deloitte $47.6 billion
PwC $43.0 billion
EY $37.2 billion

Pwc had growth of only 1.4%
EY had growth of 4.1
Deloitte had growth of 5.5

What did we learn? This was actually good news. The big 4 accounting firms all did well considering covid 19. However what this shows is that many companies aren’t struggling as bad as they say they are. This is good news because it means that there are going to be plenty of jobs available for everyone that is concerned about it. That doesn’t mean that there still won’t be lay offs, but there will be less of them for the time being. The big 4 are going to use this time to decrease employee’s rights, but they still need highly skilled employees so at least there will be jobs. Those jobs will pay well too.

We also learned that the big 4 aren’t good at running their businesses from a financial perspective. They all did well this year. They all should have been more prepared for the pandemic. No one can predict how bad a pandemic can be, but you don’t cut off your family during a pandemic. All the big 4 make it seem like they really care about their employees, but then they go and fire them or cut their pay. All of that happens in record years for them. They need to learn how to keep more money in the firms to better protect themselves in future crises. If that means they hire less employees in certain year then so be it.


PwC -17.6 billion
EY – 12.8 billion
Deloitte – 9.9 billion


Deloitte – 29.0 billion
PwC – 14.7 billion
EY – 14.7 billion (Advisory & Transaction Advisory Services


PwC – 10.7 billion
EY – 9.8 billion
Deloitte – 8.7 billion


Deloitte – 334,800 – 7.3%
EY – 298,965 – 5.3%
PwC – 284,000 – 2.8%

Revenue per employee

Deloitte – $142,174
PwC – $151,408
EY – $124,429