What are some key big four interview tips. In order to get a job at one of the big four accounting firms you need to have a successful interview. What are some good tips for that interview. We’ll first go over some hacks of how to have the best big 4 interview so that you can blow the socks off all your interviewers and then we will just go into some best practices.

Big 4 interview hacks

Most big 4 interviewers are very busy people and are in the middle of a busy day when they interview you. They aren’t completely 100% focused on you, so just be aware of that. If you can lighten the mood in any way that will make sure that your interview goes smoothly.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the big 4 is all about perception and optics, and the better your optics are the better chance you have at landing the job.

Knowing as much as possible about the firm you are interviewing with is also another thing that is key to landing that big 4 job. One way to learn about the big 4 firms is by scrolling through each one of the tabs of this website above and reading through them. Another way is by reading our book the big 4 accounting firms recruiting guide.

You should also read some interview questions before you interview. One great resource for not only interview questions but interview answers is our interview questions book on Amazon. It is listed an extremely reasonable price for all the value it offers, so make sure to check it out if you want to know interview questions before your interview.

You should also drive to the office the day before to make sure you are familiar with the area and the timing that it will take to get to the office. This way you ensure that you won’t be late to your interview. This applies even if you live in cities like New York. You should commute to the office the day before on public transportation to make sure you are familiar with all the routes.

Make sure to check the LinkedIn of everyone you will be meeting with. Even if you don’t read their profiles. It will show that you are interested in the job and show that you did research before the interview.

Decide what your routine is going to be on the day of your interview before the day of your interview. You should make sure that there is nothing that is going to stop you from succeeding.

You should also leave yourself some time on the day of the interview to meditate. Meditate for at least 5 minutes and settle yourself down. You should also utilize this time to say positive things to yourself. Envision yourself succeeding in the interview and tell yourself that you are a success. You need to be pumped and radiate success through your interview. YOU ARE GREAT!!!

Asking good questions to big 4 partners is also another good way to secure a position at the big 4.

Big 4 interview process

Interview Tips

There are many processes in the big 4 interview process, but the process we will be going over today is the “day-of” interview process. You will typically go to a big 4 office and meet with several people. The rounds are usually 2 or 3 rounds. You usually meet with junior people first and then partners last.

After the interviews, the people that interview do a debrief and decide whether they want to give you and offer. If you are interviewing for an internship, then they decide whether they want to extend you an internship offer.

You want to make sure that you impress all the people that you interview with, but you especially want to make sure that you impress the partner as they are the ultimate decidison maker.

Now that you know the interview process I’ll provide you with some tips on how to make sure you impress all the people that you interview with.

The first person you meet with will most like be an associate or senior associate who has very little experience at the big 4, but they think they are very important to the process. Don’t ask them highly technical questions to try and impress them. More likely than not they won’t know the answer and you will just make them look stupid.

You should ask them basic questions like how busy they are. They will most likely respond that they are extremely busy. You can then thank them for taking time out of their busy day to meet with you. You want to make sure to grab their business card or email so that you can send them a thank you note after the interview. You can also ask these people tips about their interview and how they landed the job. This will get them out of a sour mood and it will show that you care about their opinion. They might not give a really good answer, but it is a good question to ask them. You can even just ask them generally if they have any interview tips for you. Only ask them that part at the end of the interview with them. If they aren’t interviewing at all and instead are just showing you to your interview room, then you can just ask them right away.

Next up you’ll be meeting with a manager and/or a big 4 partner. In order to impress them you just have to be calm and collected. It’s ok to be nervous just not too nervous. You want to make sure that you leave a good impression on them.

Questions to ask big 4 partners

The big 4 interview questions that you ask big 4 partners need to be good because you want to impress them the most. Therefore you should ask them a blend of questions. Some should be technical, some should be about leadership or management, and others should be about their personal lives.

Big 4 interview tips for women

Make sure that your make-up is done before the interview and you have your routine planned out. The same thing goes for your hair. Don’t try a new hair-do on the day of the interview. This might take you much longer than you think it will. Stick to something tried and true. Even if it is simple. Make sure it is professional and then you are all set.

Polish or shine the shoes that choose to wear. Many people think that men are the only ones that need to maintain their dress shoes. As a woman you need to make sure your shoes look good as well. I would also recommend wearing heels as they make a better impression in interviews.

Make sure your clothes aren’t too revealing. Some people think that this will give them an edge. You don’t want to start your brand as someone that reveals too much. This might impress men, but what if you are interviewing with a woman. You might offend a woman if you dress too revealing.

Big 4 interview tips for men

Make sure that you dry clean your suit and use a lint roller to get all the lint off of your suit. Again the big 4 are all about perception and optics. You need to make sure that you optics are completely maxed out. I would also recommend wearing a white shirt. A white shirt is conservative. Accounting is a conservative field, so you should try to be as conservative as possible.

I would also advise you to tie your tie the night before. You don’t want to worry about tying your tie on the day of the interview.

Shine your shoes. Your shoes need to be shined. Many people don’t have good shoes, and they also don’t shine their shoes if they are good. Have nice, shined shoes will impress any partner. Most partners have nice shoes that they get shined with frequency. The reason they do this is because they meet with clients often and need to look their best. They will appreciate a junior person that also does. Shining you shoes coupled with a nice clean suit and white shirt is going to impress any big 4 partner.