According to the Telegraph UK, there are at least 2,000 Chinese communists that work for the big 4 accounting firms – Deloitte, PwC, EY and KPMG.

The crazy part is that this is only in the UK. Can you imagine how many communists work for the big 4 accounting firms overall. Before you say that this is nonsense, you have to realize that there are always people trying to infiltrate the big 4 accounting firms. The big 4 have access to confidential financial information before it is released to the public. Much of what the big 4 accounting firms get to see is often times not even released to the public. Another reason people try to infiltrate the accounting firms is because they often get high level access to client systems. When you go to a client site, many times you get user access to their systems.

This news came after a huge database of Chinese communists was leaked out of Australia. Australia is the tip of the spear for everything happening related to covid, Chinese communism and the big 4 accounting firms apparently.

Deloitte and EY each had around 800 communists employed in their organizations. Reportedly 400 communists worked for KPMG and at least one of them was a partner at the firm.

There is also at least one partner at PwC is reported to be a Chinese communist.

I wonder how many communists were laid off when the big 4 were doing layoffs. Did the big 4 layoff any Chinese communists or did they all keep their jobs??