BDO just released their 2020 results

They reported 10.3 billion in revenue for their fiscal 2020 year. This represents a 7.8% increase in revenue from 2019.

The number of employees increased to 91,054 employees worldwide even during the pandemic.

Americas grew by 7.7% (best region)
EMEA revenues grew by 6.2%
Asia pacific grew by 4.1%

Asia Pacific accounted for 12.1% of revenues around the world
Americas accounted for 53.2% of the revenues around the world
EMEA accounted for 34.7% around the world

Audit accounted for 42% of the revenue for BDO
Tax revenues accounted for 21.6% of the revenues around the world
Consulting accounted for 21.1% of revenue
Business services & outsourcing accounted for 15.3% of revenue

BDO is also using a lot of branding in their release similar to the big 4 accounting firms.

They said that they are having to rethink innovation. This just means that they are moving their focus more towards technology and less towards physical locations and physical audit evidence, etc. They have also said that they are going to rethink the power of people. This means that they are stilling hiring during the pandemic, but we will see how long this lasts. They also state that they are a purpose driven organization. It seems like all the accounting firms are saying this at this point. Not sure what it means, but it definitely sounds good.