There are 3 essential technologies that you must learn to set yourself apart in big 4 accounting. Accounting is becoming less about being extremely technical and is more about becoming able to sell technology solutions to clients.

The first technology that you need to learn is Alteryx. Alteryx is a public company, and they are well known in the industry. Alteryx has the ability to clean up large amounts of data from excel files and other types of data files. It also has the ability to manipulate data and turn it into something usable. This is why you need to learn about this software. It is actually pretty straight forward once you get in the process because they use a really good user interface. You have to have access to the tool which might be hard to get. You need to either work for a big 4 or your college needs to have access. If your school doesn’t have access to Alteryx, then ask an administrator in your accounting school to request access. Every accounting student needs to learn alteryx.

The next technology that I recommend learning is UIpath. UIpath is process automation tool. When people talk about robots in accounting, this is what they are referring to. UIpath has the ability to automate things outside of just excel and data tables. It can actually open files on your computer and manipulate the. A typical workflow would be opening a file up, manipulating the data, saving the data, and then uploading that data to a shared site.

The last technology that is extremely important for people to learn is Tableau. They were recently acquired by Salesforce which shows their importance in the business world. Tableau is a visualization tool, and it creates dashboards from data. The reason this tool is important is because the majority of executives do not like staring at numbers. They want their data to be visualized. Many accounting firms are now preparing Tableau visualizations when they provides deliverables to their clients.