EY Clients 2024

A listing of Ernst and Young’s largest clients is included below. We provide some background about the client and if they ratified EY as their current auditor. We also provide the amount of fees that EY earns on some of the clients.

  1. Hewlett Packard
  2. Verizon
  3. State Street
  4. AT&T
  5. Coca Cola
  6. General Motors
  7. Hilton
  8. Lockheed Martin
  9. 21st Century Fox
  10. The Carlyle Group
  11. Danaher Corp
  12. Intel Corp
  13. Eaton Corp
  14. US Bancorp
  15. Walmart
  16. Time Warner
  17. Coca Cola European Partners
  18. Archer Daniels Midland Company
  19. Alphabet Inc.
  20. Delphi Automotive
  21. Eli Lilly
  22. Perrigo
  23. Aon Corporation
  24. Stanley Black & Decker
  25. Abbot Labs
  26. St. Jude Medical
  27. WestRock Company
  28. Voya
  29. Harris
  30. News Corp
  31. Amazon
  32. Avangrid
  33. Apple
  34. AES Corporation
  35. The Hain Celestial Grop
  36. Jabil Circuit Inc
  37. Ashland Global Holdings
  38. Phillips 66
  39. Facebook
  40. Cardinal Health
  41. Anthem
  42. AECOM Technology Corp
  43. McDonald’s
  44. HCA, Inc.
  45. AbbVie
  46. CVS
  47. ConocoPhillips
  48. National Oilwell Varco
  49. Texas Instruments
  50. Sealed Air Corporation

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Walmart is the largest grocery chain in the world. Walmart earned $482 million in revenues in 2015.
Walmart chose to ratify EY as their auditor again as part of their 2016 proxy statement. Walmart said that it will benefit from EY’s long tenure as their auditor. EY has been Walmart’s auditor for 45 years. 

Walmart also stated that they believe Ernst & Young has an efficient fee structure, and that they believe onboarding a new accountant would be too expensive for shareholders.

EY incurred fees in excess of $21 million related to Walmart in the 2016 fiscal year.

Type of Fee20162015
Audit Fee$18.4 million$18.0 million
Audit Related Fees$1.2 million$1.3 million
Tax Fees$2.2 million$1.2 million
Total$21.8 million$20.5 million

Lockheed Martin is one of the world’s largest defense contractors.They earned about $45 billion of revenue in the past year.

The shareholders ratified the appointment of Ernst & Young as the auditor of Lockheed Martin for 2016. There was a slight increase in fees which Lockheed attributes to the acquisition of the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation and the review of Lockheed’s government information technology and technical services business.

You can see the fees that EY incurred related to Lockheed Martin in the table below.

Type of Fee20152014
Audit Fee$19.9 million$16.9 million
Audit Related Fees$2.2 million$1.8 million
Tax Fees$2.9 million$2.5 million
Total$25.0 million$21.2 million

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Amazon is a large online retail seller. They are one of the largest and fastest growing companies on the planet.

E&Y has been Amazon’s auditor since their IPO in 1997. As you can see the fees that EY receives from Amazon have grown over the years. Amazon only paid EY almost $47 million for their recent audit and consulting services.

Type of Fee20232022
Audit Fee$37.4 million$33.8million
Audit Related Fees$9.4 million$8 million
Tax Fees$0$0
Total$46.8 million$41.8 million

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. They earned about $17 billion in revenue. Their market capitalization is $360 billion.

Ernst & Young has been Facebook’s auditor since they went public in 2007. As you can see, the fee is relatively low similar to what Amazon pays. Fees aren’t necessarily based on the size of the company. They are based on the complexity of the audit.

You can see that EY has a sizable fee related to tax projects on Facebook. This often happens with young companies. As companies grow and acquire other companies, they face more tax compliance obligations than they were expecting. They then need help with those obligations and utilize the big 4 public accounting firms for that assistance.

Type of Fee20152014
Audit Fee$6.8 million$6.2 million
Audit Related Fees$0.2 million$0.1 million
Tax Fees$5.0$5.3
Total$12.0 million$11.6 million

BP is one of the world’s largest integrated oil & gas company’s on the planet. BP earned about $226 billion of revenue according to Fortune 500.

BP recently announced that they will be changing auditor from Ernst and Young to Deloitte starting in 2018.

As you can see in the table below, BP provided a lot of revenue to EY. EY earned $51 million from BP in 2015 and $53 million in 2014. Losing BP as a client is a huge blow to EY.

Type of Fee20152014
Audit Fee$40 million$40 million
Audit Related Fees$7 million$7 million
Other Fees$4 million$6 million
Total$51 million$53 million

Did you know that BP is a member of the FTSE 100. Learn how many companies that EY audits in the FTSE 100 in our FTSE 100 Auditors List.

Conoco Phillips is one of the largest oil & gas exploration companies.

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Porsche is a luxury automobile maker around the globe.

Time Warner is a large media and entertainment company headquartered in the United States.

Google is the world’s largest search engine and one of the world’s largest companies. Google has a market capitalization of about $540 billion.

McDonald’s franchises and operates fast food restaurants throughout the world. They have a market capitalization of $100 billion.

Weatherford is one of the largest oil services companies in the world. They have a market cap of about $5 billion. EY recently settled with the SEC over their audit of Weatherford.

EY FTSE 100 Client List

Ernst and Young has a number of clients in the FTSE 100 listing. These are the largest clients in Europe and the UK. Some of those clients are listed below.

  • 3I Group
  • BP
  • International Consolidated Airlines

To learn who EY’s other FTSE 100 Audit Clients are, make sure to visit our FTSE 100 Auditors page.