In our latest podcast episode we cover the biggest news to hit the top 4 accounting firms for the week ended January 27, 2017.


AICPA CEO spoke at the Accountant’s Club of America


The first story we cover is some comments made by AICPA CEO Barry Melancon. He made these statements on Tuesday January 24, 2017 at the Accountants club of America. He was speaking about the current state of the profession. He spoke about how all the new hires are choosing industry over public accounting. It appears that candidates are seeing better offers in industry versus the big 4.


Deloitte’s blockchain lab in Dublin, Ireland


The second story we cover is the news about Deloitte opening a blockchain lab in the Silicon Docks district of Dublin, Ireland.

KPMG’s Rolls Royce Problems


Lastly we go over the news that KPMG is being investigated over the audit of Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce was fined by multiple government agencies around the world for bribing and other fraud. Now KPMG is being investigated since they were the auditors for the majority of the years the fraud was perpetrated.

Intro music by SK and the song is titled “Beats – Did it all for the money”