Deloitte Interview Questions 2020

Deloitte interview questions

Deloitte interview questions

What are some common Deloitte Interview questions? We’ve included some common deloitte interview questions below along with some explanations and additional guidance.

Who is Deloitte’s CEO?

Punit Renjen is Deloitte’s global CEO. Cathy englebert is Deloitte’s US CEO.

Even if you don’t get asked this question it would be good to bring them up during your interview to show how much research you’ve done about the firm.

What interests you about Deloitte?

I’m really interested in Deloitte’s investment in blockchain and other technologies. I’m also very impressed by deloitte’s commitment to worklife balance and diversity.

I think diversity of thought is important in today’s business environment due to fast-changing technologies.

Also make sure to check out Deloitte’s website and social media to find out other things about Deloitte that interest you.

Who are Deloitte’s Largest Clients

Some of Deloitte’s largest clients include:




To find out more about Deloitte’s clients visit our Deloitte clients page

What does Deloitte do?

Deloitte is the largest professional services firm in the world. They provide audit, tax and consulting services to the largest companies in the world.

What are the Deloitte values?

Deloitte values are integrity, outstanding value to the market and clients, commitment to each other and strength from cultural diversity.

You need to study Deloitte’s values before you head into your interview. You should try to answer all your questions in terms of Deloitte’s values to show that you fit with their culture.

When was Deloitte founded?

The earliest founding date for a member firm of Deloitte was in 1849. The last major merger date for Deloitte was in 1989.

What were Deloitte’s latest revenues?

Deloitte earned 38.8 billion in 2017.

How many people work for Deloitte?

Deloitte had 263,900 employees as of 2017.

How many countries does Deloitte operate in?

Deloitte operates in 150 countries.

What are the key industries that Deloitte services?

Deloitte services the following industries:

Financial services

Energy Resources and Industrial Services

Consumer markets

Government and public services – This is deloitte’s government consulting practice.

Technology, media and telecommunications

Life sciences and healthcare

What are some ways that Deloitte has shown that they value worklife balance?

Deloitte recently extended their paid family leave policy and have been increasing this around the world. They extended their Deloitte US paid leave to 16 weeks for people that recently became parents.

Are you aware of how Deloitte gives back to the communities?

Yes, I am aware of Deloitte’s new Worldclass initiative where Deloitte will apply their skills, experience, scale, and commitment to help people to take advantage of the new world economy through access to education and training.

How many blockchain prototypes has Deloitte developed?

Deloitte has developed over 30 blockchain prototypes

How many countries does Deloitte have blockchain operations in?

Deloitte has blockchain operations in over 20 countries. They have over 800 employees in those countries.